Notre Dame in flames…a poem

in the flames
the church did burn
it’s timbers ripe
with age
a monument
to the wealth
of man
to grandure
rich and proud
it’s buttresses
were well admired
tourists stood in line
for hours
just to see inside
but what they saw
was just for show
as candles flickered
all aglow
in wooden coves
confessions spilled
from the lips of souls
well damned
into the ears of those
whose sins
were protected
by the cloth
floors slippery
with their lies
and bloody
collection plates
baptismal founts
no child shall
they charged
for this
and charged
for that
and hid
the things
they hoarded
the books
the art
the truth
and such
no one
really cares
that much
and statues stood
so strong and tall
too heavy to be moved
and into hell
each one did go
since flames
care not
for titles
for flames
are born of nature
and care nothing for our
fire does not recognize
or the tales
that we tell
it cares nothing for
grand stonework
stained glass
bits of fabric
or gods
for fire
simply is
it takes
what it will
and gives us
new beginnings
for which
we are expected
to be grateful
people weep
and pray
for bricks
and fabulous designs
but not for those
out on the street
the hungry and maligned
the rallying  cry is
build anew
while arthritic fingers
beg for coins
outside a church
that dripped with gold
the people cry
Notre Dame
belongs to all
but what if god
through licking flames
is taking care of business
showing his flock
the truth of things
religion is a business
while ancient women
sit on streets
a kitten in their laps
their growling stomaches
won’t drown out the
greedy need for gold
and when the church
is sparkling new
and every thing’s
in place
no one will remember
a single woman’s face






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23 Responses to Notre Dame in flames…a poem

  1. Very well written and so sad indeed. 😢

  2. Well said. An iconic building, for sure. I’ve been there. Gazed in awe and photographed. But, when it comes down to it, the hundreds of millions it will take to restore could be much better served by helping those in need instead of another monument to those wolves in fancy hats and robes. Helping people is Christ-like…but organized religion sure as hell isn’t.

    • Thank you. Well said and I agree completely. Men in costumes ignoring the suffering for gold thread and candlesticks. Gag.

      • Yep. I’m not sure how they duped their followers. Playing on fears, I suppose, and the threat of follow or be tortured was effective too. People may think I’m not spiritual, or that I may even be an atheist. Not true, on either count. But, I see no need to have my chats with god while dressed in my Sunday best and putting on some farce that I’m “saved” because of a weekly social appearance at the local brainwashing factory.

      • Absolutely true. And being spiritual doesn’t mean believing in god. A person can be spiritual an not believe in any god or religion. So if people say you aren’t spiritual what they mean is you aren’t doing what they’re doing. LOL You said it beautifully.

  3. Resa says:

    So true! Yet, billions will be raised to build anew. I bet one franc won’t go to help the needy faceless.people.

    • I’m sure you’re right. They want everyone to get involved because Notre Dame belonged/belongs to everyone. I don’t think so. If it did no one would have to pay to see the things inside, right?”

  4. I don’t know if they’ll donate anything. Maybe hold another show to let people see their golden gobblers encrusted with precious gems. They had that show last time I was a Notre Dame. It cost money to get in all wealth (a teeny tiny bit) was on display while people were begging in the street. Well if raping children doesn’t stop people from giving them money and showing up, nothing will. Especially not hungry and homeless old women.

  5. scooj says:

    Brave poem, and sentiments I share. How quick to pledge rebuilding a cathedral, but how slow to address climate change and biodiversity loss. There are bigger and more important things to focus on.

    • I appreciate your comment so very much. Thank you. The things that we AREN’T doing could kill everything, but the building is really the thing that’s important. I do not understand.

  6. Wow, this was absolutely fabulous! It is a shame it burned and while it was a pretty building it was just a building… so sad where peoples’ priorities lie.

    • I don’t get it Melanie. Extinction, the weather melting the ice caps, everything that’s going wrong and people are crying over a building and willing to pay what will certainly be an ENORMOUS amount of money to rebuild it. Meanwhile we might not be alive to see it finished. We are definitely on the road to killing ourselves. But at least Notre Dame will still be there…for a little while at least.

  7. So true! You’re not alone in feeling this way. Thank you for sharing ❤

  8. Nathan says:

    Ugh. Beautiful. Thank you.

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