Save the children???

people always talk
about saving the children
but the thing most people
don’t think about is that
they were once the CHILDREN
and no one saved them
they were conditioned
forced to obey
treated with kindness
made to believe
in a fairy tale god
and follow the teachings
of other men
stripped of their
and then
told to go out
and make their
way in a corrupt world
that had been handed
down to THEIR parents
when they were children
a world THEY had
no part in making
so when people talk
about saving the children
maybe they better think
about saving themselves
or they won’t know what to do
to save the children of today
because it seems
that all anyone does
is pass on the same mistakes
that were handed down
to them
and that can never
make things better
what we’re doing
isn’t working

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13 Responses to Save the children???

  1. equinoxio21 says:

    Allow me to summarize with a very short comment a friend from Grad school always says when we meet. When I ask her how she’s been, she says: “They lied to us!”

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