New leaves…

tiny new leaves
reach out to spring

only to find winter
lying in wait

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13 Responses to New leaves…

  1. Lucia says:

    A good one. Nice twist.

  2. Sweet poem. Too bad Mother Nature hasn’t made up her mind yet. I feel your pain. 😣

    • It was seriously strange with snowflakes, hail and sleet hitting the car at the same time. I was laughing because it was so silly. 🙂 My yard WAS so pretty and now it’s drenched and messy and COLD. It was 72 two days ago. Thank you for your support. 🙂

      • What a shame. It was 75 here in NJ a couple of days ago too. Then yesterday, the temps dropped, and a thunderstorm raced through here. Nothing but mud, bent over flowers, and cold.
        I made the sad mistake of keeping a window cracked open last night… OMG! I froze my buttocks off this morning. Not pleasant at all. LOL! 🤪

      • And when that happens, you’re usually too cold to get up and shut the window anyway. The poor flowers. At least you HAVE flowers. I did see a few tulip bits trying to come up, so that’s a good thing. Unless they freeze to death. You had 75 degrees…nice. Nothing in our forecast but rain and more rain, EVERY SINGLE DAY as far as we can see. But that can change, I hope. Eventually, things will even out (my fingers are definitely crossed).

      • I just hope we all get to experience a “Spring” this year. It seems we skip Spring and go straight to 90 degrees temps in a blink of an eye sometimes. Then all the weekends are rainouts.
        Yes, cross fingers and toes for Spring to arrive quicker and last.

      • The same thing has been happening here. We haven’t had spring for some time. It goes from winter to summer then a bit of fall and snow or freezing temps. The wind was 22 mph yesterday but down to 17 mph now and that’s just too much. LOLOL Fingers crossed for both of us.

      • 🙏Maybe if we all pray for Spring, it might come our way. LOL! One can hope. 💐

  3. It can only get better…

  4. It was nice today. That’s all we can count on and the rain is starting tonight.

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