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Scott heard about Sherlock Holmes and decided to become a private eye. He’s not sure what he’s going to do but he has a trench coat and a magnifying glass, so he’s ready for his first case. The hens want to hire him to find out who ate all the cookies last night but he said he’s not that kind of private eye.

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How they met…pretty short story

“This is a garden shop, right? You sell flowers, right?” he asked. She looked over the sea of flowers and slowly said, “Y e s.  This is a garden shop and flowers are for sale.” “I don’t know anything about … Continue reading

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Quote: Margaret Sanger

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July 7th was the birthday of the late , great SCIENCE FICTION author ROBERT A. HEINLEIN. Many fans considered HEINLEIN to be the greatest SCIENCE FICTION writer of all time. One of SCIENCE FICTION’S– ” BIG FOUR” — HEINLEIN, ASIMOV, … Continue reading

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Blue Birds building nest — North Florida Friends

Mom and Dad building their nest this morning. This will lead to some little ones soon. Some pics from past years of the little ones. via Blue Birds building nest — North Florida Friends

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Melanie sent this…it’s from Simon & Garfunkel’s PATTERNS

“From the moment of my birth To the instant of my death There are patterns I must follow Just as I must breathe each breath Like a rat in a maze The path before me Lies And the pattern never … Continue reading

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Okay, so…

I’ve been reading a LOT of ART books lately, on WOMEN artists. But here’s the thing that seems so strange.  They were alive, and all this was happening, RECENTLY.  Lee Krasner died in 1984 and Elaine de Kooning died in … Continue reading

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