Okay, so…

So many people say, “we’re all the same…we’re all one,  we’re all connected.”  Well, we are as a SPECIES, but that’s as far as it goes.

Here’s how I look at it.  Think library.  We’re all different books, with our own story.  Most people only read what they LIKE.  Why would we read things we didn’t like?  Well, that’s what schools are for, right?  Making you read things you hate, so that you never want to read again.  That’s how we are when it comes to books.  Why should it be any different between people?

We like who we like and we don’t like who we don’t like.  It really doesn’t matter why.  It can be a gut feeling, or something obvious, but some people are POISON to us and suck the joy from life.  Doesn’t matter how we’re connected, we need them out of our lives and they can take their stories with them.  Now, just keep letting that idea get bigger and bigger and you can see that being genetically connected is MEANINGLESS.  We don’t argue between our bodies, we argue because we don’t like each other’s stories.  We are never going to be ONE, now while we are here, at least, and we are never going to like everyone’s story.

Our country is currently torn in two, with all the books I can’t stand on THEIR side and all the books I care about on MY side.  YES, IT IS AN US AND THEM WORLD.  The people on the other side, feel the same exact way about their books and mine.  We will NEVER READ THE SAME BOOKS.  We aren’t the same, We aren’t one.  We are shelved in different sections, kept far away from each other, like Business and Science Fiction, their spines don’t touch.  That doesn’t mean someone wouldn’t read both, of course, since the two subjects don’t conflict in any way, but there are sections that would catch on fire if their pages met.  A book about the _______ in Washington and a book by Noam Chomsky, for example.  Freedom vs Hitler.  You know what I mean.

We are each a book unto ourselves.  If you look at other people as if they’re books, things make a lot more sense than all that silly stuff about us being the same.  As Lewis Black said, “We’re like snowflakes, each of us different.”   We do terrible things to each other.  We kill each other, remember that.  There is no big ONE…there are simply a lot of one-of-a- kinds.

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4 Responses to Okay, so…

  1. I agree 100% people have free will…

    • Agree, within the limits of the maze. We are so used to our cages we can’t see the bars. Like the rats, we run through out days and get the cheese for being good rats, in the form of money. We need to think BIGGER. It’s hard, when all you’ve ever known is the maze. Like asking a fish to think about what he’d do if he could walk on land.

  2. Exactly but in order to see the other channels you first have to know they exist. Once you do, you have to face the danger of gnawing your way out of the maze. It’s not allowed and there are consequences, but it only takes one person to change the channel.

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