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Ress’s Egg Dance was a huge hit.  The chicklets watched, as she pecked through the shell and threw popcorn leis into the crowd.  Then she sat back and popcorn flew out of the egg.  Her dance was wonderful, going through all stages from birth to a return to the egg.  Beautiful.

Comments on: "Resa’s Egg Dance was a smashing success from beginning to end. The chicklets loved the part where popcorn flew out of the egg, right after Resa hatched. She pecked through the shell, grew up and then returned to the shell, at the end. It was truly inspired." (44)

  1. Sounds utterly fabulous! And you got such a lovely picture of her 🙂

  2. Only Resa could do the egg dance so perfectly! A rebirth of Soring. Good job Resa. Loved the setting too Gigi.

    • Thank you and her dance was truly something to behold. She was wonderful. The chicklets enjoyed seeing you, on stange, holding one of their own. They said it brought our two species together and made everyone happy. They were excited about that.

      • They made me feel courageous because they are to be so trusting when the world is not so nice.

      • No, the world isn’t so nice. The chicklets just want to have fun and enjoy everyone. They are never judgmental or mean and accept everyone for who they are. It’s a little world where things are fun and nice.

      • What a wonderful world it would be. Bullying is one of the most tragic experiences for many kids. yet, we can’t seem to stop it.

      • It’s insane to allow bullying to continue. Kids are committing suicide because of it. Lives are destroyed because of it. In schools, at work and on line. Horrible.

      • It’s a complex problem, my friend the teacher is 0 tolerance for any bullying but once they leave class she can do little. She always reports to the parents if their child is a bullying or is being bullied but sometimes they just can’t be bothered. It’s unbelievable.

      • I know exactly what you’re saying. When my grandson was little, bullies got him off school property and one boy knocked him backward. Another kid filmed it. My grandson was on his back, landed on his elbows and the kid just started beating him. My grandson was smaller than they were (not anymore), and he kept saying, “I give up,” but the boy wouldn’t stop. When he finally did, my grandson had to have surgery on his elbow, then another huge kid knocked him down an he had to have another surgeon on the same elbow. But from the first beating, part his bone is dead and he’ll have problems for life. The kid lived across the street from him. His mother saw the tape and was hysterical because they had just SUED a family because their son just beat up their kid, the one who beat my grandson. They paid for the doctor bills but his arm will never be okay. Hateful things are happening. Now my grandson is 6’2″ and in college and no one would even think of bothering him. His growth spurt was late and he was a nice kid, so he was easy to bully. He had to wear a brace on his arm for a couple months, after the surgery. Just insane.

        And one guy told my daughter that his first grade daughter was being bullied on the bus and he had to drive her to school every day. And this is in a fairly rich suburb.

      • That’s really horrific. I’ve see so many little kids enduring bullying, it’s very dangerous to let your child be bullied, it can have a lifetime affect, or worse!

      • It can. He’s fine, fortunately. But it was a nightmare at the time. He wasn’t afraid, not ever. He just didn’t understand why they were doing it. He wasn’t afraid of them, or afraid to walk home. It’s just insane, how mean kids can be and act on their feelings.

      • We need to find some solution, it’s really getting violent now, and cyber bullying is so dangerous for kids.

      • When children start committing suicide and not going to school because of fear, we’re way past having to do something about it. They are more interested in checking backpacks, lockers and cars, sometimes. That’s a concrete and against everyone’s civil rights, but it makes them feel good bossing kids around and taking their stuff, checking their phones, while someone is stuffed in a locker. Drives me crazy. Cyber bullying…what can anyone do? Horrible lives for kids today. At least for some of them. Just terrible. I realize the schools have a difficult time controlling things. It’s not easy. But bullies shouldn’t be able to come back. We need a school just for them, so they can torture each other. People can try and help them but when the bullies get bullied by bigger bullies, maybe that will teach them something. Maybe not. I don’t have any answers. I hate that kids have no rights and can be ordered to hand over their stuff. Really, really HATE that. And worst of all, they get used to it, which I believe is the point. Makes them better sheep.

    • Thank you Holly! YOU are courageous. Only courageous people can write poetry as wonderful as yours.

  3. I’m so happy The Egg went over without a hitch. I’m taking a few of the shell bits home for a souvenir. I’m thinking of using them to make a bracelet!

  4. A friend of Resa’s is a friend of mine. 🙂

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