FYI…the Poetry Party has begun…

Holly and Resa are a huge hit and the chicklets can’t wait to see them on stage.  Music is playing and everyone is in high spirits.   All of the committees did wonderful jobs and things are truly perfect.

The night will be full of surprises and no one knows the order in which the poems will be read, except Marcy, because she’s the announcer chicklet.

Pictures tomorrow.

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10 Responses to FYI…the Poetry Party has begun…

  1. mcaimbeul says:

    And we all wait with anticipation.

    • Everyone is having a wonderful time. The twinkle lights are working their magic. Your poems will be coming up soon. Read by a first-timer who is not at all nervous. He’s very sweet. He read all the poems that were sent in and volunteered to read yours because they spoke to him personally. He was a baby when rescued from a Factory Farm (he still is a baby) and he feels that you understand what suffering is like, from your words. He was very impressed. That’s why he’s not nervous to read them, because he thinks they’re heartfelt.

  2. Not at all. They said there was a need for your words.

  3. Resa says:

    I can hardly wait to hear all of the poetry! I can fill in on bongos, if anyone needs/likes.

  4. I won’t sleep a wink. I will be reciting in my sleep! Chirp!

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