Albert and Ducky…

Albert was rescued from a bunny farm, right after he was born.   Ducky is his best friend.  They do everything together.


bunnies need a kind
and loving home
where we are treated
with respect
we are not gloves
hats or coats
we are not clothing
or food
or decorations
we are living
more loving
and sane


by Ducky

ducks love water
we swim and float
watch out for boats
and get our food
from water

water is where ducks live
and humans
are poisoning it
where will we go then

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8 Responses to Albert and Ducky…

  1. Albert and Ducky are both very cool looking dudes and they both have strong voices in their poetry and make valid points! Bravo!!

    • Thank you so much from both of them. They have fun together and like to do the same things. Sometimes Ducky helps out when the bunnies need to do warming duties. He lays next to someone too. So they are happy together.

  2. Ah! Albert and Ducky, so sweet!

  3. True enough. They go perfectly together. 🙂

  4. Resa says:

    That’s some cool semi-beat poetry from Albert and Ducky! There’s so much talent at the Coop!

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