Okay, so…war

Someone wrote to me today saying that we’ve always had war and that war is just part of thing.

War has become never ending.  It doesn’t stop.  We used to have peace between wars, but not anymore.

The thing that bothers me is when people believe that just because something has always been done one way, it should/will always be that way.  If that was true, we would still be living in trees and caves.  We change things all the time, including the way we think.

If enough of us agree that war is unnecessary and wrong, then we should want to stop it from happening.  To think that just because it’s always been that way, it will always will be that way, is what keeps things in place.

I’m not sure we can ever stop war.  Stop killing each other.  It doesn’t look as if we can, not at the moment.  It won’t happen in my lifetime, not without something from outside stopping us.

We are violent.  We kill pretty much everything.  But if we wanted to stop war, each of us would just have to change our minds, because everything we do is based on a decision we make.  That’s true for everything, so we can see how impossible it all looks.  Maybe it is, but I refuse to believe that things have to be the way they are just because they’ve always been that way.

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15 Responses to Okay, so…war

  1. It’s clear that modern war isn’t sustainable. The path that the U.S. is following demonstrates that constant warring and militarization diminishes the ability to respond in other realms. Witness how our education system, public transportation system, infrastructure, and manufacturing base are all declining at the cost of building a greater and greater military power. Yet, much of that military weaponry can’t be intelligently employed, thus feasibly reducing it to a deterrent force. New ways of warfare (more sophisticated terrorism, biological and nuclear warfare using small weapons regionally deployed) undercuts the deterrence of a large military force. It’s a no-win position but so many still fight the last wars that the paradigm change seems like it’ll take forever.

  2. mcaimbeul says:

    Absolutely, it’s that kind of mindset that perpetuates Continued negative events and conditions.

  3. War or not war it depends on the people. If they want war they’ll do it, if they don’t want they won’t do it. Definitely is not a necessity!

  4. lobobehan says:

    Do not you see that living in a cave made man free, the rich put pay to that you want find an empty cave any were but house loads. By land said the rich man, and bar the caves from the poor so they can live in my house. For a price.

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  5. And this from E.M. Forster, “I am sure that if the mothers of various nations could meet, there would be no more wars.”

    • Without a doubt. I believe that completely. The horror of the pictures of mothers trying to protect their children from soldiers and bombs and flame throwers and violence. It’s insanity. Patriarchy loves it. When men rule things are cruel.

  6. coloradopoet says:

    It’s so complex and in a way cultural and in another motivated by greed. Some cultures, and by that I mean family cultures, military culture, and yes demographic cultures promote and live by violence. Greed because the tempation to take another’s property (country, resources) seems easy to the strong in our world and is done through war. It’s a damn shame though. I think war and violence itself ruins souls; the souls of those who are killed or abused and and the souls of those who perpetuate violence. I know it will never stop. But I think for those who can abstain from any form of violence should. I know someone whose husband just committed suicide. He joined the military just out of highschool for a career and ultimately could not live with the actions he had done during the Iraq war. I have compassion for him and also those he killed. War sucks.

    • More soldiers are committing suicide now then ever before. We aren’t meant to be killers, that’s why men are TRAINED before going to war. The thing is, if women had ANY SAY AT ALL in what went on in the world I do believe things could be different.

      • lobobehan says:

        Why oh, why do men think that woman, can’t fight or go to war? This is a misnomer, as like an sand bag. it can stop a bullet

      • coloradopoet says:

        Yes, and I celebrate a world in which more women are achieving leadership. I watched the prime minister in New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern, address the nation with their ban on assault weapons today. If only that would happen in the US; a woman president and a ban on assault weapons.

  7. America is far behind many other countries when it comes to equality and we have more violence that is ACCEPTABLE than other countries as well. We need to vote people out of office who do not support equality and anti violence programs. The problem is, the other side, wants both of those things to continue.

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