Restaurant, Paris, France, Bistro, Cafe, Coffee, Europe

Madame understood food
she enjoyed a meal
prepared by loving hands
hands that knew how to delicately mix
flower and water
blending in the butter
at just the right moment
caressing bits of pastry
into something glorious
her cafe was famous
known by those who
wished to have the full dining experience
Madam herself was delicious
now and then selecting
a perfect eclair
and a handsome man
to go along with it
she was an amazing woman
classically beautiful
well read
and filled with joy
men adored her
and she allowed herself
to be adored
grabbing the hand
of the one she wanted
for the evening
as she passed by his table
once the decision had been made
the other men in the cafe
hid their disappointment
and applauded
Madame wore gossamer
and she wore it well
she believed that life was to be lived lightly
and savored at every turn
she lived life to the fullest
and for those
fortunate enough
to have known her
they were fortunate indeed
because spending time with a free spirit
can change a man forever

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4 Responses to Madame…

  1. Certainly can… then again some just can’t make the cut. 😊

  2. Wonderful 💕 Indeed the life need to be lived lightly and enjoy every minute 💕

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