Color…a story poem

Lights, Night, Neon, Light Trails

he saw life
in black and white
like old photographs
with deckled edges
void of color
shades of gray
going nowhere


but when she walked into the bar
he saw what he knew to be red
for the very first time
her dress
her shoes
her lips
and in that moment
he knew what he had been missing

he stared at her
but she didn’t notice
she was speaking to the owner
and they were laughing
he pulled a card from his pocket
wrote a short note on the back
and handed it to the woman
who was setting his drink down in front of him
asking her to please give his card to the woman in red


I’ll do it
she laughed
but she won’t answer
he saw her hold out the card
he saw the woman smile
and push his card away
and as she did so
the color he saw
began to fade


he jumped to his feet
and started toward her
as a tall dark handsome man
threw his arms around her
and kissed her
he watched her push against him
running her hands through his hair
and he stopped moving
staring at what they had


colors burst into being
swirling around them
gold and silver
orange and red
blues and greens
and in that moment
he finally understood


without passion
no matter its cause
color could not exist
he left the bar
waving off his limo driver
and walked alone
into the black and gray
rainy night


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2 Responses to Color…a story poem

  1. Resa says:

    Wow!!!! The truth is told.

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