Love…a poem

Sparkler, Holding, Hands, Firework

this is how my heart felt
when you walked into the room
took the

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8 Responses to Love…a poem

  1. So heartfelt, you know I can relate to this very well. ❤

    • I’m sorry that life is the way it is. That’s why hormones and our brain force us to have children, because if we actually thought about it, why would we do this to those we love? What are we actually doing? Kids killing themselves because of bullies, violence against women and children, war, hate. Why would anyone in their right mind, bring a child into that? We are programmed to do it, like all the other species but we need to stop and be stronger than our biology, until we can make this a place that isn’t so horrible.

      • A lot of young people are debating whether to have children. In the past it was almost essential to our well being because of pressure barometer friends and family. Things are changing!

      • You’re right. I’m so happy about that. Things are definitely changing. A lot of mother’s and grandmothers are telling the kids not to do it. I have a feeling mine will but if they do, hopefully they’ll stick to one. I’m hoping they just consider their cats their kids. LOLOL They do take them everywhere. Just throw them in the car and drive for five hours. They started them as kittens, so the cats lay on the dashboard and slide back and forth or in the back under the window. They’re really good. 🙂 Coming up for spring break so they will be in he care on Sunday. Still, they’ll probably have one.

  2. Resa says:

    Le gulp! So very moving, Gi!

  3. I’m so sorry for you and happy for you at the same time…

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