Madame Dominique…

Origami, Crane, Red, Bird, Paper

Madame Dominique
lived in a small village
just outside of Paris
where she sometimes ran the tiny post office
she was very good at her job
but then she was very good at everything
if Madame saw an exotic stamp
on an incoming package or envelope
she would ask who it was from
and if they would like a visitor
no one ever refused her
so she traveled the world
going wherever the stamps took her
she would always return
flushed with passion
wearing clothes and jewels
from different times and places
from those who found her fascinating
and truly
everyone did
she was well educated
ravishingly beautiful
and skilled in the arts
of dancing
love making
and origami
men sat at her feet
as she daintily folded bits of colored paper
and drew images of cranes on her own body
with black and golden inks
Madame slept lightly
in her own skin
no longer than four hours a night
so that she could spend her time living
sending paper cranes out into the world
through whatever window was at hand
her laugh was deep and rich
and she saw men for what they were
picking them when they were ripe
like delicious fruit off her favorite trees
and they didn’t care
that they were temporary
they didn’t care about anything
as long as they were near her
she unlocked their secretes
and set them free
she folded them into cranes
taught them how to fly
she swam in the moonlight
amid the diamonds glistening
on the water
afterward eating soft crusty bread
with her fingers
bread spread thickly
with butter and freshly made jam
her eyes closed
moaning with delight
she would sometimes lick the butter from a lover’s lips
as she smiled
and pulled her crane covered kimono tighter around herself
she met a painter in the street
and asked him to paint her flying
on the back of a crane
he did so
but was so distraught
when she was leaving with the painting
that she gave it to him
and waved goodbye
as he stood holding the work to his chest
while tears ran down his face
his heart broken
at the thought of her leaving
as for Madame
she ate gelato
walking down the street
the sun beating down
on her face and bare shoulders
wondering why others
never realized that the entire world
was created just for them

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16 Responses to Madame Dominique…

  1. The essence of Paris and Madame Dominique! I adore it!

  2. Resa says:

    I’m loving these enchanted women tales. …. a lot!!!!

  3. She was out a bit this afternoon. She came out to eat and then run around a bit. It’s going to be 40 tomorrow and I’m SOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited. Sun too. She should be out and about for sure.

  4. Love it…love all your fascinating, empowered women!

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