Madame Peony…

Madame Peony
is a full-figure woman
with charm to spare
she is a woman in full bloom
which is appropriate
since she runs a lovely flower shop
on the Rue de Violet
she is also something of an artist
carefully choosing her models
from men passing by
or those who volunteer
willing to disrobe and recline upon her famous red satin divan
so that she can catch the light
as well as their attention
while strategically placing flower petals on their unclothed bodies
after all Madame is a connoisseur of both flowers and men
and can often be seen putting together an exquisite bouquet
with wet paintbrushes sticking out of her beautifully arranged hair
now and then sending a shopgirl into the back room
to tell the waiting model that she will be there shortly
Madame bestows her favors only upon those
with a particular jaw line
or perfect hands
prince or pauper
matters not
it is all about aesthetics
and line
who is well loved
was not the least bit surprised
when the railings of two bridges collapsed into the Seine
both filled with Love Locks dedicated to her alone
no one sends flowers of course
but tokens of love and devotion find their way to her nonetheless
a houseboat filled with peonies
from a gentleman promising a life of luxury and great wealth
if she would only run away with him
she said no in the sweetest of ways
sending him a  box of twenty-four long stem black roses
she summers on the boat however
and never fails to think of him
as she suns herself on deck napping reading
and sipping lemonade
he asked for her heart
but no one can hold the heart of a wildflower
all one can do is admire it’s tenacity and beauty where it grows


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10 Responses to Madame Peony…

  1. cindy knoke says:

    Lovely poem and about my favorite flower!

  2. The chicklets will take Tide for a Gondola ride on the Rubber Duck Pond. He might like that. Or not. LOL

  3. Soulfood says:


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