Love can be a sweet and tender thing. Horses are incredible beings. We have to stop horses from being killed.

Foal, Horse, Gypsy, Young, Equine

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8 Responses to Love can be a sweet and tender thing. Horses are incredible beings. We have to stop horses from being killed.

  1. What about cows, sheep, chickens, fish? Is it OK for those to be killed?

    • It is not. That’s wht the chiclkets are for. They rescue animals from Factory Farms and help those they can. I’m an Animal’s Right Activist and vegetarian. So, you’re preaching to the choir. No leather, no animal products. Demonstrated for years against animal labs furriers, rodeos and all the rest. You too? The picture was of horses.

      • I wasn’t preaching to anyone, merely remarking that you had only specified horses in the statement. As it happens I am a vegetarian and try to avoid animal products, though I don’t always succeed. Many people – my own mother included – profess to be ‘animal lovers’.

      • I know what you mean. People say, well I only eat__________as if it doesn’t count. I don’t get that. Or they only eat dead animals every now and then????? What does that mean? Then don’t say that your a vegetarian or vegan because once in awhile DOESN’T COUNT! But I was writing to a fabulous blogger, the other day, who is an activist and vegan, about a man I met a few weeks ago. He hunts. So I told him what I thought and the first thing he did was look at my shoes. They always go for the shoes. I don’t wear leather, so he didn’t know what to say, except, “Do you wear belts?” OMG What part don’t you get? I asked. Anyway, he has heart problems and I told him it was revenge for killing innocent, living beings who never did a single thing to him. I love stories where the animals get the hunters. He didn’t say anything, since how could he defend murdering someone? He said, “Well, YOU can get along without eating meat, but I can’t.” I said, “No one HAS to eat meat. But eating it is what’s going to kill you, and rightly so.” He was a friend of a friend’s and started the conversation. I don’t attack people, since what they do is none of my business, unless it comes up.

      • I tend not to argue the point any more, neither do I give an explanation or justify to anyone why I choose to be a vegetarian. You hear the same old questions over and over. Then there’s Oh, but you eat fish and chicken right?

      • Me too. There’s no point in talking about it. He told me. I certainly didn’t bring any of that up. We all have to do what we have to do, in order to get through life, that’s for sure. 🙂

  2. Not sure about your reference to Chicklets but since you mentioned them, are they your own drawings?

    • LOLOL Yes, they are. Sorry about that. The chicklets live at The Coop where they have parties and write poetry, etc., and save animals from humans, when they can. They raid Factory Farms and nurse the sick animals back to health. They are very loving and kind beings who welcome everyone with open wings. They have friends of all shapes and sizes who come to visit. They call them guests and make sure they have everything then need when they attend their parties. 🙂

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