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Painted, Argentina, Advertisement, Tango

he sat in the small dark bar
watching her dance the tango
passion played out
on an ancient wooden floor
the man holding her
was pressed tightly
against her long lean body
she was beautiful
and moved with confidence and ease
her black dress clinging to her curves
her black heels making noise
only when she wanted them to do so
the man was madly in love with her
anyone could see that
but she hardly seemed to notice
so lost in the music
and the moment
unaware of anything else
if he could dance
he would walk onto the floor
and tear her away from him
take her for himself
he blinked
horrified by his own thoughts
when he looked up
she was staring at him
as if she had read his mind
he couldn’t move
she laughed into the man’s shoulder
and looked away
his heart was pounding
he felt too warm
said the old woman behind him
in a soft voice
do not be alarmed
it happens to everyone
you see she is more real than most
it is not her fault
she is simply untamed
like the wild woods
when she comes here to dance
nothing is ever the same
men leave their wives
women leave heir husbands
others move away
trying to break the spell
she has cast over them
but no one can break it
you have removed your jacket
unbuttoned your lovely white shirt Monsieur
he looked down
and saw that she was right
he looked back to the dance floor
only to find it empty
there’s nothing to be done Monsieur
she is gone
she has captured your heart
it is too late
you’re life has already been altered
from this moment forth
you will feel nothing but need and hunger
neither of which will ever be sated
you will search for her
until your last breath
he didn’t hear her words
he was looking for the woman
I’m sorry Monsieur
you should not have stopped here to rest
just remember that it is not her fault
she is life itself
he rose to his feet
buttoned his shirt
and slipped on his jacket
I will find her
he said to the woman
you will not Monsieur
you will starve
like all the others

Comments on: "Tango…" (45)

  1. Thank you. LOL I thought that’s what you meant. 🙂

  2. Suspense, desire, mystery, and surprise, excellent.

  3. This is brilliant, passionate, sensual, amazing, I adore it!

  4. Reblogged this on House of Heart and commented:
    Brilliant, passionate, mysterious…. Gigi.

  5. aFrankAngle said:

    Holly … very worthy of a reblog. So well written by your friend. Glad the reblog brought this to my attention because it is so tango!

  6. Life itself, as a dancing woman, tangling all in her Tango. Brilliant, Gi. I adore this poem!

  7. Wow! Bewitched and lost chasing the shadow of life itself. A mesmerizing story beautifully shared in a poem. Thank you.


  9. Stunningly awesome, My Friend! You captured me and took me to the bar to see and feel it all!
    Bellissimo! Bellissimo!

  10. […] Thanks to Holly @ House of Heart for leading me to this awesome poem about Tango. […]

  11. Wow, the kind of post that is like the character in this story, completely captivating, sensual, alluring, unforgettable.

  12. Love it! This line “if he could dance” meets my situation in the best manner. Lol Have a beautiful weekend. Michael

  13. Reblogged this on By the Mighty Mumford and commented:

  14. Passion, pure passion 🙂

  15. What an interesting story!

  16. I’m so glad. Thank you again.

  17. Well worth starving…
    (Good job Gigi)

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