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Peck, peck, peck
Upon the corn of life
Cheep, chirp, cheep
We met a unicorn
In the woods
It was good.
This corn
A unicorn
A cornucopia
Peck, peck, peck.

By: Jeep & Resa

Comments on: "The chicklets are very excited to share a poem written by Resa and her special cat Jeep. It’s a wonderful poem and it is being read by Mitzi. Poem is under picture." (63)

  1. OMG!!! This is so perfect! I hope all the Chicklets, Bunnies, sweet Pigs, goats, Sheep and everyone at the Coop love it! Thank you for letting us participate in the ongoing poetry SLAM!
    Johnny says to tell Em he is busy working on a special poem for her. This is why he could not help work on this poem.
    Does anyone out there need any cat fur?

    • OMG Resa, you are so funny. I just love this. And the chicklets are giving you an open invitation sent poems anytime you like. They love Johnny and Jeep and you and think you are both so talented. They send their thanks. And yes, there was an impromptu poetry reading immediately. Everyone came to hear the new poem and it was wonderful. ❤

    • If you like, writ one for the easter bunny party.

  2. Purrrrfect

  3. Snap!snap! Snap 😎

  4. I hope the Chicklets have copyrighted that unicorn t-shirt!


  6. Reblogged this on House of Heart and commented:
    The Beat goes on. Snap! 😎

    • Oh thank you so very much. Snap. The chicklets are truly thrilled and thinking about making a week-end party out of your poetry and fancy dress.

      • I love week end parties, I will bring pj’s and a poetry book.

      • Perfect!!!! It will be wonderful. The chicklets will make sure you have everything you need, including slippers. They love slippers.

      • I’ll need some slippers because I hear it’s cold there. They are too sweet to me , I’ll sing to them unless they ask me not to , a strong possibility . 🥰

      • Well, now you’ve done it. They read your comment and are now planing a SING ALONG. So be prepared. They said they’ll have the words of all the songs printed so you’ll know the words. But they would like you to do a few solo numbers but they aren’t allowed to have lighters so they’ll try to get glo sticks.

      • Lol! My favorite song is Achy Breaky Heart but I can’t hit the high notes so ear plugs may be in order. Glo sticks are the best. Did you know that if you hold one under your chin you can see right through. It’s spooky.

      • Oh, they will be looking through their beaks, I can tell you that. They said Achy Breaky Hart sounds perfect and they will paint something for the background. You can wear net skirts too. They love those. 🙂 They are hoping Resa wears the spray painted gown because of the netting. One more thing. They said you can bring Tide if you like. He can stay with you or bunk with the other dogs, either way he’s welcome.

      • This is so exciting. I’m not used to sleep overs. I hope I don’t get homesick. I should be ok if I can bring Tide. They are so sweet to invite him. He sleeps at the foot of my bed and not in a shoe like some people think. He’s very gentle so I think they’ll hit it off very nicely. Chirp.

      • They are looking forward to meeting him. He will have a lot of fun and if he gets cold the warming bunnies will sleep around him. They have begun getting ready and are thinking of March 29th, if you and Resa can make it on that day.

  7. Oh, this is soooo adorable!! 💖🐥💖🐥💖

  8. Very, cleaver, lots o Unicorns about these days Great play on words and meaning…
    Well done ALL of you.. ❤

  9. Very cute. Well done, Resa and Jeep. 🙂

  10. Love your drawings. Congrats on the text to both. 🙂

  11. So funny! Thank you for sharing! A cat named Jeep? 😉 Michael

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