Saw this film today…

Perhaps if your a GAMER you will like this film but it’s repetitive and slow.  There’s a LOT of action but it’s all the same and there’s nothing to make you care about any of the characters.  It’s well done but not a good movie.

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4 Responses to Saw this film today…

    • Sorry, but it’s true. At least my daughter and I thought so. She liked it even less than I did. You know when the main character has the chance to kill the bad guy but never does, until the end of the movie and you’re like, why not kill him, you’re killing everyone else…well, that’s this movie. And the bad guys are not scary in the least. They’re just pathetic. and posers, verbal threats and glares, with roller derby being the big killing field. That part is fast and furious but it also becomes repetitious. So, not a good movie. There’s going to be a second film (I think) because it ended that way. My daughter said, “I’m not going toes that one.” LOL Neither am I.

  1. So sorry. :/ Catch it for free on TV later, so you can turn it off if you don’t like it. LOL

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