Art and the philosophy of life

You may have seen this gown, made by Resa but for those of you who have not…take a look. All of her gowns have deep meanings. This one is dedicated to Cecil the Lion. Open the post to see all of the photographs. Resa is an artist and designer and makes her work count.

Art Gowns

Was your heart ever broken enough to switch Art Gowns in mid creation?

Cecilia #123

Then outrage has compelled you to do a Tribute to Cecil The Lion, #CecilTheLion.

Cecilia #2

With  tail  thrown under her neck & crisscross armor to protect her, Marina Kanavaki,  must be who this Art Gown is dedicated to.

Cecilia #20

 Take a look at Marina’s blog Art Towards A Happy Day and be convinced. She is vegan, & a champion for all animals both wild and domestic.

Cecilia #18b

Cecilia #8Being a last minute creation,I was in an absolute uproar about what to make the gown out of.

Then I realized I owned about 500 men’s ties, mostly dated. I figured why not?

I deconstructed about 80 ties. A step ladder was used as an organizer.

I opted for regal colors red, gold & purple. Solids, paisley & medallions became the chosen patterns.

Old purple curtain lining was fashioned into a skirt…

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Comments on: "Cecilia Lionheart" (5)

  1. Yahoo! Thanks Gi! I think people should be reminded about this travesty from time to time.
    Have you signed the AVAAZ petition regarding the woman…Tess who killed a giraffe on a big game hunt. It’s disgusting. She’s disgusting.

  2. The poor giraffe is all dead and withered around her feet, and she’s cheering in victory. WHAT KIND OF VICTORY IS THAT??????

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