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I think I have it figured out.  I’ll have to live another 1,734 years to read all the books I currently have.  That’s if I read them while eating and doing normal everyday things.  I spent ALL day today in two bookstores and have three bags of books.  How fantastic is THAT!

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  1. i think that if i give up sleep and time to eat, i might start to make a dent

  2. That’s great! I’ll need at least that many years to make all of the Art Gowns I want to make, so let’s get together then, and compare notes! 😉x

  3. Really fantastic 💕 I always say the same thing! This life is not enough to read what I like and to travel where I want. 🥺

  4. If you can tell me, how to read one book a day, I will be very thankful to you 😀😀

    • You can do it but you can’t do anything else and it’s hard to maintain that intensity. LOL I’ve done for a couple of days in a row and then you do have to go to the store and get food. 🙂

  5. Sounds like the perfect day.

  6. Let me know what the world is like in the year 3753…

  7. books for me were an escape from an unstable world I was trying so hard to understand.

    • You know…that’s the great thing about books…they are there for all of us and serve every purpose imaginable. They give us what we need on an individual basis. The same books mean different things to each of us and fill in the blanks. 🙂 How fabulous is that!

  8. true… the reader brings an experience just as important to the overall communication the writer brings with words….

  9. Sounds like a perfect day! (Well maybe add in a slice of chocolate cake somewhere, lol!)

    However, i must point out a flaw in your math… at the rate you continue bying books the years required keep going up exponentially!

    • The chocolate cake is a MUST. Both places, for sure. And you’re right. I can never die, if I intend to read all of them and I’ll be really rickety by then. LOLOL I can’t stop buying them, just like you.

  10. Ela Alvarado said:

    At least you won’t be alone haha. I swear my TBR list never ends!!

    • They can’t end, not as long as we keep BUYING more books. LOLOLOL I can’t stop. A true addiction. But a good one, that’s for sure. I buy books every week. I’ll have to live forever to finish them but I persist, as the saying goes. Glad to hear you do too. Keep up the good work. 🙂

  11. Plenty of time! 😂😂

  12. It’s a fantastic issue to have. I too have more books than I could ever read in my life. I can’t stop collecting them. What did you pick up?

    • TOULOUSE-LAUTREC IN PARIS and STUDIO OF THE SOUTH/VAN GOGH IN PROVENCE. I’m currently reading four books, one is 900 pages…I’m on 444 and I just started a new book today. I’m reading so many things and I just bought a great magazine called WOMANKIND, so I’m excited about a lot of things. 🙂 What have you picked up recently? (I’m in a mood for artists, that’s why these are the new titles…LOL)

  13. Soo true!!
    Btw I have started my own blog page where I review books n other stuff so pls follow.

  14. Sounds like the best day EVER!😂 I often feel like that, I have such a long list of ‘books to read’ that just keeps longer, but no time to read them all!

    • The important thing is that they’re THERE…whenever we are ready, they will be waiting. I love that. I’ll never read them all, but if I want to pick one up, I know where it is. LOL I love that about books. And one can NEVER have too many. 🙂

      • Wow I love that! It’s so true though, my books are like my Narnia, I escape to them and can escape everything from my life, even the thoughts in my head that haunt my every move. I love the fact that that escape route is always there for me, whether they’re sitting in a wobbly pile beside my bed, or waiting in my local library for me to find one and fall in love♥️ And I completely agree, no one can EVER have too many books! Or read too many books for that matter, I’ve been told countless times that I read too much but this just confused me to be honest. When you finish a book, how do you not pick up another book and start reading? Life doesn’t end when a book ends, so the book doesn’t end either… I find myself compiling the books I read into one big story, so when I finish a book, I pause to appreciate it, and then I find another novel to continue that story… Sorry this was so long, I just had to get those thoughts out of my head and onto something😂

  15. I totally agree. Books take us away and we can go ANYWHERE we like. That’s why I read more than one book at a time (unless I can’t put one down), because sometimes I feel like being one place and sometimes I want to go somewhere else. 🙂 There is never a pause…the next book is flapping it’s pages saying, “pick me, pick me.” LOLOL I’m so happy that you share my love of reading. People don’t always understand and you can tell, if someone tells you that you read too much. THEY don’t get it!!!! You do. 🙂

  16. I believe books represent a small part, yet very very important part of our lives, especially the 80’s and 90’s generation and older. Books are a world you run away to. You leave reality behind and just believe in that world that the author created in the book. I have a lot of books too, but I know that someday i will have the time to go read most of them. I just hope that time comes before my time comes!!!

    • Books are a HUGE part of my life and always have been. I can’t get enough. LOL I love them and carry them around with me. I’m with you…I hope I get a lot more of them in before I run out of time. 🙂 so true. Thank you.

  17. I’m having to stop myself even looking at books that I don’t own at the moment because I have so many that I haven’t read yet and I just want to buy more!!!!

    • Oh boy, can I relate to THAT. I stopped myself from going to the Library Book Sale over the weekend but ended up going to Half Price Books anyway. I only bough two books while I was there, but I have to read the books I have. It’s just that, as you well know, all of them look so delicious and I want to know what’s inside of them. LOLOL Sigh. Books are like chocolate made out of paper.

  18. Worst of all…THEY HAVE CUTE LITTLE CARTS in the store!!! So you can just LOAD up on books. OMG! How terrible and fabulous is THAT. I bought TIME TRAVEL, by James Gleick and THE GRAND DESIGN by Stephen Hawking. I bout a CD and a DVD as well, oh and a book about Pluto. I’m hopeless. But I just walk around a bookstore and the world and it’s problems just disappear. It’s like a visit to a spa (I would imagine, since I’ve never been to one). Refreshing and relaxing. I love the Art section, the Poetry section, the Science section and the SALE racks. There’s no use trying to fight it. LOLOL It’s a hopeless situation, really. I’m just happy I’m addicted to something that’s healthy. Hahaha…just like you. 🙂

  19. I am not even going to try to figure out how long it would take me to read my current TBR since it’ll be bigger in a few hours anyway.

    • That is the TRUTH. They do seem to grow and grow…LOLOL I would have to live longer than the dinosaurs to get through the ones I already have and I’m so happy about that. Love them. Thank you for your excellent comment.

  20. Erwin Wensley said:

    I have a HUGE list of books to read too. It’s a reason to keep living, I guess 😅😂

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