Art and the philosophy of life

This post is a priceless gift. I’m overwhelmed by Resa’s generosity. The time put into the gorgeous gown,named after my beloved cat. And the beautiful poem written for me by the poet Holly. I’m forever grateful for the friendship of these tow amazing women. I can never thank them enough. Please enjoy Resa’s post.

Art Gowns

Did you ever channel a white cat, a wedding gown and  Jean Harlow?

Well then you know it comes out an Art Gown, and that Art Gown is dedicated to;

Georgiann Carlson from Rethinking Life blog. Georgiann’s blog is full of art, Chicklets, creative writing, flowers, Chicago, Emily and opinions.

Deciding it must be a Harlow 1930’s style movie star gown, dictated a bias cut.

Admittedly, being a rank amateur in working with bias, I was cursed with many problems. Nonetheless, it’s a challenge I’ve wanted to tackle for a long time.

Designers, like Chanel and Vionnet,  championed the anti-corset generation. Finally, women could feel more comfortable in their clothes.

At a liquidation sale, I found an 18″ wide bordeur lace for $0.50/yard.

What costs $0.50 these days? I bought 75 yards.

Thinking like a cat, I decided to shred the lace.

Using scissors for claws, I deconstructed the…

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Comments on: "Mademoiselle Emily" (36)

  1. utterly amazing

  2. I’m so honoured to know you, Gi! This Art Gown was a joy to design and make. ❦❦❦

    • Oh, Resa, I can never thank you enough. What an incredible gift. You are such a joy to know. Thank you so very much for being such a large part of my life. You make a difference and that’s no small thing. ❤

  3. Resa picks the most awesome friends!! And her gown in honor of your fur child is so gorgeous. My blogging friends ROCK!!!

  4. That’s quite a tribute! And a well-deserved one. 😊😊

  5. This beautiful gown is so Gigi. I tried to capture you in words but you’re akready poetry. I gave it my best shot anyway. You’re loved and so special. ♥️

    • Holly, I can’t thank you enough. Your words mean so much to me. More than you can ever know. I don’t honestly know how I was fortunate enough to become your friend but believe me, I’m so very grateful. Thank you so very, very much. ❤

  6. I love it. So much.

  7. Resa is a true talent. What an amazing, gorgeous dress!! I loved her fairy dress, too.

  8. Oh, me too. Definitely.


  10. Big love to all who commented here! What a wonderful love fest! ❤ 💜💝❤️💖💚🧡

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