Sheep…and Harold, the bird.

Sheep, Magpie, Snow, Cold, Winter

“I think we should move to a warmer climate,” she said.

“You know we’d be too warm.  It’s as if we’re wearing a million woolen sweaters.  Think about that for a moment.”

“You’re right,” she signed.  “I’m just tired of winter.  “There’s a bird on me, isn’t there?”

“Yes,” he said.  “It’s Harold.”

“I don’t know why he stays here.  He can fly anywhere.”

“If we could fly, we could do that as well.”

“We’re too heavy and we don’t have wings.  Besides, you would get lost and you never stop to ask for directions.”

“That’s true. I bet things look different from high in the air,” he said.  “It would be confusing.”

“I’m sure that’s true.”

“So we’re staying here?”

“Maybe we’ll go someplace different next year. ”

“We say that every year.”

“You’re right.  Let’s just go..  I’m ready!”

“Great,” he said, turning toward the road.  “Which way is warm?”

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