How they met…

Futuristic, Science Fiction, Fantasy

“You don’t look like anyone I’ve ever met before,” he said, staring at the electrical current flickering around her body.  “I mean you look like a hologram and Einstein’s grid.”

“If you can see that, you’re more awake than most people. Just give me a minute.”

“Right,” he said, backing away.  “Take all the time you need.”

She laughed.  “You look exactly like this…you just don’t know it.”

“I don’t look like that.  What you are?  You just popped into being on the sidewalk?  What is THAT all about.”

“I’m human.  I just….”

“Why are you so Tesla like?”

“Good one,” she said, the sparks disappearing, her color returning.”

“You’re starting to look…”

“…human?  Because I am human.”

“But you can’t be.”

“Why not?” she asked, shaking out her hair.

“Because I SAW what you really look like,” he said, waving his hands in front of him.

“I live close by.  Would you like to come over and talk about what you think you saw?”

“If I say no, will you kill me?  If I say yes, will you really kill me?”

“Sorry, but that’s all a bit too dramatic for me.  No killing will be taking place.”

“I think you’re a little too far out for me,” he said.

“You do know that you’re made of energy, right?” she asked.

“Yes.  I know that.  But my energy doesn’t change what I see in the mirror every morning.”

“How about at night?”

“I’m asleep.”

“So you don’t know what you look like when you leave your body and astral travel, or dream.”

“I always look the same as I do at this moment,” he said, in a voice that did not invite contradiction.

“How do you know that?”

“Because I do,” he said emphatically, not realizing they had already walked a few blocks.

“What are you, five years old?”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“You believe it because you do?  No proof?  You just believe it and that’s it?”

“Pretty much,” he said sheepishly.

“When we travel through space and return we all look the way I did.”

“Travel through space?”

“What do you think you do when you’re asleep?”

“Lay there.”

She laughed,

“Sometimes I turn over.”

She laughed harder.

“It’s not that funny,” he said, smiling a little.

She wiped the tears from her cheeks and said, “You know the net-like grid that explains how space bends?  They show it to kids everywhere.  A grid with an orb on it, making the grid under the sphere dip?”

“Yes.  I did go to school you know.”

“Well, that grid covers everything.  Even us,” she said, unlocking the front door.

“Are you a scientist?” he asked, looking around her amazingly warm and comfortable looking home.


“Is that a dog?”


“Mostly?  How can it be mostly a dog?  It’s either a dog or it isn’t.”

“You think too small.  The world really isn’t as black and white as most people believe it to be.”

“What’s your name, or do you simply have a number?”

“My name, is Jill.  I can’t tell you my number, or I really will have to kill you.”

“That’s a nice name.”

“Thank you.  What’s your’s?”


“You’re kidding.  Jack and Jill.  No way,” she said.

“Where do you go when you leave here?”

“Depends on where I’m sent or needed.”

He nodded.  “So it’s your job?”


“I design parks and things.”

“That must be fun,” she said brightly.

“It is.  But how can it not be a whole dog?  What’s the other half?”

“I kind of picked him up on one of my trips.  I’m not really allowed to do that, so don’t tell anyone.  And his other half is called ztuiwk.”

“Your secret is safe with me.  I’d rather not have people think I’m insane. What’s a ztuiwk?”

“It’s the other half of the dog.”

“Funny.  Do you mind if I  put on some music?” he asked, looking at her wall of speakers.

“Sure.  I’ll order a pizza.”

“Sounds good.  Any toppings are fine with me,”  he said, pulling a 78 out of it’s sleeve. “As long as they aren’t dead animals.  I’m a vegetarian.”

“It will be here in forty-five minutes.”

“Are you really human?  I mean all of you?”

“Yes,” she grinned.  “All of me.”

“If I touch you I won’t get an electric shock, will I?”

“Not the kind you’re thinking of,” she said.

“Do I really look the way you did, when I dream?”

“When you leave your body, yes, you do.”

The half dog started singing.

“He does that,” she said.  “No big deal.  He has a nice voice.”

“You’re more interesting than the other women I’ve met.”

She started laughing again.  “You mean other women don’t remind you of Tesla?”

“I always thought life was bigger than what we’ve been led to believe,” he said, pulling her close, starting to dance  “Are you going with someone from another planet or anything?”

She burst into laughter again. “You are incredibly funny.  You know that, don’t you?”

“You’re incredibly beautiful, so maybe we should keep dancing,” he whispered.





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2 Responses to How they met…

  1. Resa says:

    Love it! I’m grooving on the how they met stories. You know I adore it when you get on a story bender for awhile, in a theme.

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