Fantasy, Face, Branches, Woman, Surreal

Medusa didn’t lose the fight
it was all in the minds of men
a woman who refused to be controlled
one who walked her own path
and just wanted to be left alone

how they hated her
despised her freedom
hunted her down
to make sure
she was not a role model
for other women

how they lied
turned her beauty
into the beast
jealousy tearing at their
ugly hearts and mind
frantic with fear
that a woman should
be able to live her own way
without the permission of men

their only solution


but it was far too late
we follow in her footsteps
snakes in our hair
freedom in our hearts

Medusa didn’t lose the fight
she’s alive in those of us
who cary on her legacy

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7 Responses to Medusa…

  1. gserpent says:

    Love this! Medusa was a wise woman in a patriarch Greece. That’s why she is demonized. Great post. 😊

  2. Shae says:

    I really love Medusa and I really like what you’ve done here!

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