Okay, so…

I saw some pictures on a few things today.   Pictures of women sitting in windows, pictures of moody and lovely people in wonderful settings and it makes me laugh.  Anyone can look that way but when the photo has been taken and the moment has passed…well, the things you may imagine are gone and reality once again, sets in.

It’s the same as having a soundtrack for your life.  How much more exciting and wonderful life would be if, like in the movies, the music did most of the work.  Your moods would be played out for everyone in stereo and it would make life so much more interesting and incredible than the flat, no music life we each lead.  Music manipulates us in films and photographs manipulate us on the covers of magazines, books, everywhere, actually.  We are easily manipulated and that’s why we get into trouble.

Anyway, when I saw the woman sitting on the windowsill looking into the garden, a bit fuzzy and blurred for effect, I really did laugh.  We fall for it all the time and, unfortunately, some people don’t realize those things only last for a moment and they spend their lives looking for moments that aren’t real in the first place.

Pretty pictures and wonderful music.  Imagine each of us having our own soundtrack.  LOL  Loud and just a little distracting when we were in a crowd, don’t you think?

The media plays with us and we…let them.  The government and rich people use the media to play with us.  We need to reprogram ourselves and ignore them as much as we can.

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6 Responses to Okay, so…

  1. Resa says:

    I guess I’m extra fortunate that I have a soundtrack at home a lot of the time. Oh, I don’t get to pick the score, but I adore it when it’s punctuating my life. That’s what comes from living with a musician.

  2. mcaimbeul says:

    Indeed. Conventional societies function on manipulation and deception, one has to exercise caution.

  3. The last paragraph is spot on. Question everything and take nothing at face value.

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