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It’s amazing how having sub arctic temperatures (-30 without the windchill), can make simple below zero temperatures feel really GOOD.  Emily came out of her “hunkered down cat state,” and ate a can of food.  I actually saw her under the tarps.  Apparently cats go into that instinctive mode and don’t move, in order to preserve energy.  So I’m in a much better mood.  It’s almost five o’clock and the temperature is only -4 so everyone is happy which, of course, has me questioning our sanity as a group.

Hers’s the thing.  I got up this morning and went down to have breakfast.  Em was still not eating.   It was -19 or -21, anyway so I ran the water in my kitchen sink and it bubbled up in the sink and the garbage disposal, so there was a PROBLEM.  My son-in-law came over and while he was working on the sink, water suddenly appeared on the floor.

My dishwasher, which I don’t use, was full of water and we know that because he opened it.  He closed it reallllllly fast and said, “Do you have a______ Vac that sucks up water.  I just looked at him.  “Uh no.”  LOL   So, I’m getting a new dishwasher.  Which is nice.

He’s still hoping that the ice  pipe melts because apparently letting the water drip all night was the worst thing I could have done…even though I got emails from where I live and everyone was telling me to do that.  Yeah, no on that as well.

Not being able to use your kitchen sink makes you realize exactly HOW MUCH you use your kitchen sink.  I miss it…I talk to it and tell it to get better soon.  I’m going to hum to it when it gets better and tell it I’m sorry I forgot how wonderful it is and how I have been taking it for granted.

Best thing today…my cat is okay.  Yay!


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  1. YAY! I’m glad this had a happy ending! 🐾😊

  2. Gosh, it’s so tough up there right now! I’m so glad Emily is hanging in and you too. I always heard let the faucets drip I’m freezing water . Now what? Stay well.

    • Fortunately, the worst is over, at least for now. It’s -4 and snowing but way better than -25. Thank you and Em looks good. I just wish it was April, although April can be tough as well, but nothing like this. Canada is bad too. Poor Resa.

      • I know. It’s as though Siberia has descended on us. I’m very concerned for all our northern neighbors. Chicago is the hot spot ( no pun) for the worst right now. Be safe!!

      • It’s only -1 and believe me, after -27, that’s a nice number. Seriously insane and I’m still cold but that was horrific. Thank you. ❤

      • Only -1*, this is insane ! ♥️

      • I was out all day it went from 7 to 20 and our coats were open and it felt like spring. BIRDS were actually singing! People were happy. It was wonderful.

      • There’s life again! Good news!

      • It’s so nice out It was 20 went I went to the store today and it was really wonderful. It’s 40 degrees right now and my new dishwasher is being installed as I type. I guess a UPS guy died from the cold last week. They shouldn’t have worked. A 78 year old man was shoveling his driveway and was killed by a plow who didn’t see him. I can’t even imagine how many people were hurt by the weather. I don’t watch the news, my BFF tells me certain things. I just bought a totally cool scratching post in the shape of a huge triangle, open in the center, and I’m using it as a doorway for Emily, since everything I try to use collapses. I woke up, had the idea and went to Target and got exactly what I wanted. 🙂

  3. I just popped over to see if there was an update on Emily. YAY!!!!!!!
    I want to go make a coffee now, and work on the gown. Hasn’t been much time for that since the Arctic storm stuff started. Every day seems to get spent just getting through.
    Okay, will also check my dishwasher, which I hate & never use….just in case it’s flooded.

    • My new one’s in the garage. Going in tomorrow, he ran into problems and needs to do something with the pipe. But I can use my kitchen sink and I’m SO INCREDIBLY HAPPY ABOUT THAT! That arctic weather wore me out and as you said, took all of our time just getting through it. Em looks good and she’s been eating great. I’m so tired from all the stress I could lay on the rug until May.

  4. I’ll be back after some sewing!!!!

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