Love, a poem

Heart, Fire, Flame, Burn, Love, Blaze

if you get hurt by love
it might just mean
that the person you were with
didn’t know how to love you
didn’t have the skills to love you
didn’t understand
the way you needed to be loved
but it works both ways
when you hurt someone
the same things apply
it’s only when you find the person
who can give you what you want
that love flashes it’s smile
among fluttering wings
and blue birds singing in the trees
so when there’s a break up
just realize that you
were either with the wrong person
or you were the wrong person
and move on
because all you ever really need
to be happy
is yourself
all of us can only give what we have to give
we can only understand others
through who and what we are ourselves
when love doesn’t work
it’s because we don’t belong together
but when it does work
nothing can tear that love apart

never settle for anything
less than that

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10 Responses to Love, a poem

  1. ksbeth says:

    this is such an important reminder and you are spot on. i’ve forgotten this at times.

  2. beautiful, thank you. ❤

  3. gserpent says:

    Great poem. 😊
    My daughter sent me another video you are going to love.


  4. Fabulous. Thank you again.

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