Las Vegas…a poem

Welcome To Las Vegas, Las, Vegas, Sign

Las Vegas
is a special place
where people
live out loud
it’s a kind of nursery
where dreams are born
and die
lights the way
and nickel slots
can make your day
if you can find them
the hotels are gigantic
the casinos keep it dark
no one knows what time it is
the darkness plays it’s part
everything is planned
to get money from their guests
every tiny detail
gets you to divest
there are high end goods
the Eiffel Tower
and Liberty’s little sister
there are rides to take
and bets to make
and women who are for sale
there’s gourmet food
and lots of booze
and noise that never ceases
there are shows to see
and songs to sing
and strangers by the mile
Zeus is there
guarding his lair
and Jimmy Choo’s
selling his shoes
to people wearing
fountains dance
while people prance
to songs by Frank Sinatra
and on the street for all to see
are people wearing costumes
sidewalks are packed
the streets are worse
car lights add to the color
gardens lush
on desert sand
where nothing should be growing
reuse your towels
cuz water’s scarce
just do it for the planet
there’s glitz
and shows
and stars you know
and acrobats who fly
the rooms have views
the showers rock
depending where you’re staying
fantastic violinists play
on the walkways in the sky
and people stop and listen
no one walks on by
Vegas never closes
it slows
but never stops
The Strip just keeps on going
like the hands around a clock
but in the early light of dawn
before the streets are cleaned
when small cards selling women
lay thick upon the streets
its heart it keeps on going
just to a different beat
The Strip looks worn and tired
like the people half asleep
but daytime is a great time
to swim
and dine
and shop
to see flamingo gardens
and parrots in one stop
there’s always something fun to do
the people watching’s great
it’s loud
be sure to book a date

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10 Responses to Las Vegas…a poem

  1. Cubby says:

    You’ve convinced me with your clever rhymes. My next trip will be to Las Vegas!

    • Four days max. It can get old fast but it’s so much fun! I don’t really gamble but the shows are great and everything is bigger than life. The neon at night is wonderful and the most important thing of all: WEAR COMFORTABLE SHOES and don’t worry how they look because Vegas is about walking. The hotels are FAR apart and when you’re in them, you’re still walking miles because they are huge. LOLOL You can tell the newbies because a lot of women bring heels and you can see the bandages and blood on their heels. Really…lots and lots of walking. It’s a stop on a lot of tours coming from Europe and that’s so much fun. People talk and can’t believe what Vegas is like. I try to tell them it’s the ONLY place like it but somehow I think they believe America is a fun house. Fortunately, they’ll be on their way to there places where they can see more of the country. The first time you’ll find out what you like. See LOVE, by the Beatles. Get tickets before you go and get good ones because if you go on cheap ticket sites you may be sitting behind a post. I always stay at the Aria now. It’s wonderful. Peaceful and the rooms are nice. It’s not quite in the middle of the Strip but it’s a great location. They remodel the hotels all the time in order to compete with the new ones. I wouldn’t stay at the Paris or the Flamingo but the Flamingo has a love garden you won’t want to miss. 🙂 If you ever do go…have a great time.

      • Cubby says:

        I’m not a gambler when it comes to casinos, although I will buy lottery tickets on a rather regular basis. The way you describe Las Vegas makes it sound like Disneyland for adults. My hubby and I wanted to go somewhere tropical in February to get away from the cold, but that fell through so Las Vegas may be a great alternative. Thank you for the wonderful recommendations! 🙂

      • Right now the temperatures are in the sixties and high fifties. You can go to the top of the Eiffel Tower but all you’ll see when you get there are roof tops. LOL It’s fun (at least for me) to just wander around. My daughter and I used to go once a year but I haven’t gone for two years. If you do go, check out the headliners, there may be someone you’d like to see playing at one of the hotels. It’s best not to wander off the strip. Safer that way. It’s really safe there. Plain clothes cops and others take good care of everyone, because no one wants any trouble, that’s for sure, and people do drink. There’s a outdoor pirate show with a huge ship, lots of stuff. We have never had a bad day of weather. It’s a dessert, after all:) Just remember there’s a lot of walking. Silly to drive because all you’ll do is sit in traffic. Soooo many places to eat. The shopping center next to the Aria is excellent but you’ll find out what you like to do, once you’re there. It’s always dangerous to tell someone how great a place is, since they may have different tastes, but as long as you only go for three or four days, it’s a lot of fun. Just sitting among the flowers is nice and the hotels are incredible. You can take a gondola ride too, inside and out. LOLOL New York New York used to be fun but they took a lot of the good stuff away so we stopped staying there. Having said that, you should go inside because there are tenements and steam comes up through the grates in the floor just like on the streets. So it’s cute. You can take the elevator to the second floor and cross to the MGM as well. There’s also a great pizza place there, but it’s quick and you just take a tray, so not fine dining. I think we’ve seen almost all of the shows except for Michael Jackson and Elvis. Anyway, I’m happy for you, if you go.

      • Cubby says:

        Okay, that’s it. I’ve decided. We are going to Las Vegas! Time to buy plane tickets. 🙂

  2. How fabulous. My daughter just said someone who works where she does can’t get home because we are snowed in. She said, “Mom, I just heard the sweets words.” I asked her what they were and she said, “Stranded in Vegas, can’t get back.” Hahahahahaha Be sure and check out the pictures under Las Vegas, on my blog. You can see what I’m talking about. Some of them are older, since I was going every year but they’ll give you an idea.

  3. words4jp says:

    You hit the nail on the head with this one! I haven’t been there since Bill was alive. We went several times. My favorite thing to do – go running at sunrise – along the strip. There is something so peaceful about it – obviously not many people – only hotel employees hosing down the sidewalks. Sight bit of traffic, if any. The sun starts rising over the mountains in the distance – against the huge marquis signs. I love it!

  4. Amazing post and lovely pictures .!!
    Do check my blogs on and share your views 🙂 ❤

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