How they met…a very short story

Image result for free pictures of the film casablanca

“Hmmm, tall dark and very handsome, but you probably hear that all the time.”

“Actually, I don’t hear it nearly enough,” he laughed, pressing the button to open his car door.

“Do you work around here?”

“No.  I go to the gym around the corner.”

“Casablanca is playing at the Patio tonight.  It starts at seven.  Movie and diner?”

“Thanks,” he said, throwing his gym bag into the back seat, “but I’m not into old movies.”

“It’s Casablanca.  Who doesn’t want to see Casablanca?”

“Me. I don’t want to see it.”

“What do you want to see?”

“There’s a Fast and Furious marathon at the Gateway.  It starts tonight at eight,”  he said.  “I’m a Paul Walker fan.”

“His death was a tragedy.  But maybe most deaths are tragedies, depending on how you look at them.  Dinner first?”

“Sure,” he sighed.  “DJ’s at 6:30.  Early, but I think they’re playing three films in a row, so.  By the way, my name is Mark.”

“Hi Mark.  My name’s Thomas and I’ll see you then.”




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