The Sun…

Sunset, Evening, Romantic, Sun

I think we forget that we are attached to, and depend upon, a star for our very existence.  Isn’t that amazing, when you think about it?  We look at the night sky…well, we don’t often get to do that in Chicago but you might be able to, and see all the stars against the black velvet night and rarely say to ourselves, “We have one of those.  It’s right here.  I can see it when it wakes us up.”  But it’s true. We have a star of our very own!

I do think about the star we named Sun and then I think of all the flaming stars out there and somewhere, someone is look at their star and thinking the very same thing.

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8 Responses to The Sun…

  1. mcaimbeul says:

    Indeed. Imagine living where your dependent on solar energy, the sun takes on additional meaning. The iPad I’m typing this on, the Satallite internet, our small refrigerator and all of our lights are provided by the sun ☀️ 🌞

    • That’s amazing. We couldn’t do that in this area. The sun doesn’t shine enough. I’m so happy it works where you are. We are sun deprived and all popping Vit D because everyone is deficient in it. It wasn’t like this when I was a kid. The weather has gotten a lot worse, as far as sunny days and nice springs and summers. We don’t even get spring every year, winter is lasting longer and longer. It’s terrible and you can see the toll the darkness takes on people. SAD is a real thing for us.

  2. Yep. I think it’s naive, and a tad bit arrogant, to think we’re the only sustainable place in the universe. 😏

  3. It would be so fast. Eight minutes and that would be it. According to science, the sun will turn into a Red Giant and make crispy critters out of everything, then shrink to a White Dwarf. Too small to become a black hole. Everything on earth will evaporate, as it gets bigger, including us. In thNe end, according to scientists, the universe will be dead and PITCH black. Absolutely NO light at all (can’t even imagine it) Just dead rocks hanging in space. Nothing living or moving. Hard to picture but that’s the scoop. And you know how nothing can go faster than the speed of light? Well, the found galaxies that are doing just that but the galaxies are not moving, they are being dragged along by the SPACE that’s moving as the universe expands. Unreal.

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