A Strange Meeting…Fourteen

“If it was a mattress store I could understand it, but a coffee shop?  Don’t they have any respect for the beans at all?”

“People overlook the obvious,” said Merlin.

“I guess, but where’s the dragon?”

“Did you expect one to open the door for you and take your order?”

“I want hot chocolate and a brownie,” she said happily, getting out of the car.  “I want the brownie heated in the microwave, so it’s soft and gooey.”

“Of course you do,” sighed Bill.

“So, where’s the port?” she asked, staring at Merlin.

“You’re looking at it.”

“You mean it’s the WHOLE store?”

“Got it in one,” said Bill.

“And the customers are demons or jumpers?  Is the barista the dragon?  She’s cute.”

“We could just grab something to eat at the Egg Roll over there, and then go home,” said Bill, pointing to the restaurant.

“Yes and no,” said Merlin, ignoring Bill’s plea for Chinese food.  Some of the customers are demons but some are regular humans.  The barista is the communications officer.  When we walk in, she’ll hit the alarm and it will begin.  First the humans will feel an overwhelming urge to be somewhere else.  Once they’re gone…well, that’s when the fun starts.”

Lexi laughed and said, “I got this.”  Then she made a few snowballs and started throwing them at the window.  She waved and threw some more, until, one by one, the humans started leaving.  Once they were gone she took a small object out of her pocket and threw it at the window, breaking the glass and watching the demons scurry for cover.  The bomb went off and the building came down.  The fire was hotter than your average fire so not much was left.  Well, except for the two dragons standing there, thrashing their tails back and forth.

“Hi,” she said, waking toward them.  “Look, I have sugar cubes.  You’ll love them.  Trust me.  Horses adore them and everyone KNOWS that horses have wonderful taste, right?”

The largest dragon, drew up to his full height and snarled.

“Have a bad day?” she asked.  “I know why.”

The dragon stared at her.  “You don’t really belong on this plane, so I can only imagine what you’re going through,” she said, throwing a hand full of sugar cubes into the air.  The dragon snapped them up and swallowed them.

“They’re kind of small for you but that’s how they make them here,” she said, throwing more and making sure that both dragons were able to get some.  “Where are the demons?”

“We’re right here,” said one gigantic red, lizard like creature with spikes coming out of his scull.





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