A Strange Meeting…Thirteen

“Why did you leave the three bodies in the back room?” asked Lexi, staring at the old man. “I mean, you’re MERLIN, for goodness sake.  Surely, you could have made them disappear.”

“I could have,” he said, smiling at her, “but then how would I have been able to use them as a deterrent to others who imagined themselves up to the task of killing me?”

“Good point,” she said nodding.  “Get it completely. Great job.”

He laughed then.  Loudly and with great gusto.  “Parker, you must not let her get away. She’s funny, fearless, and intelligent.  You better get her before she notices who you are.” Then he laughed again and slapped his knee.

“Seriously,” Lexi muttered to herself.  “Who would have thought Merlin would ever slap his knee?”

“So you think your plan will work?” asked Bill.

Lexi sighed.  “No.  I’m positive it will fail and get you killed, that’s why I think it’s such a good plan.”

“I told you,” snickered Parker.  “It’s easier if you don’t say anything about the plan.  It seems like it’s going to work and…”

“Seems?” she asked, turning to glare at him.

“WATCH THE ROAD,” yelled Bill, putting his hands over his eyes.

“Wow.  Scaredy cat much?” she laughed.  “You must be from one of those warm states where the sun’s always out and it never goes below seventy-two degrees.”

“And?” grumbled Bill.

“So,” said Merlin, we’re going to go to what we think is their port sight and shut them down, is that right?”

“I can’t believe you didn’t do that immediately,” she said.  “Why let them come here if you can stop them?”

“You didn’t tell her about what’s guarding the port?” asked Bill, surprised.

Parker shrugged.  “Nope.”

“Why not?” asked Bill.

“I think she can handle it.”

“You’re kidding, right?”

“And Merlin is with us.  He’s had experience with those kinds of beings, remember?”

“This is a really bad idea,” groaned Bill

“I can drop you off here, if you’re afraid to come with us,” said Lexi.

“No,” he moaned.  “I really don’t want to miss it.”

“Wanna tell me what all the fuss is about?” asked Lexi.

Merlin grinned.  “There are guards protecting their port site.”

“What kind of guards?”

“Oh, dragons and demons,” he said, casually.

“Really?” she said, excitedly.  “I LOVE dragons.  Think I can ride one?”

“You mean before they burn you to a crisp?” asked Bill.

“Why are you SO negative?  I get along really well with animals.  Even Hellhounds.”

“Is she serious?” Bill asked Parker.


“What is she?” said Bill, looking out the window.

“No idea,” said Parker.  “None at all.”

Merlin chuckled but said nothing.

“Okay dragons, demons.  What else and how many?”

“How many dragons do you need to keep people away?” asked Bill, sarcastically.

“Five?” she guessed.  “I mean you’re bound to have at least one sweetheart and a young one among them.  Maybe another who was misunderstood as a baby and…”

“You need to leave her,” whispered Bill, into Parker’s ear.  “She’s gonna get you killed.  Actually, I think she’s gonna get us all killed.  Tonight.”

“You are SUCH a baby,” sighed Lexi.  “Big Jumper terrified of a dragon and demon or two.”

Merlin chuckled louder and wiped tears from his eyes.

“Is this it?” she asked, in amazement?

“Yes,” said Parker and Bill in unison.

“No way,” she said, rolling down her window, braving the gusting winds and swirling snow.  “Starbucks?”

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