A Strange Meeting…Eleven

“Does she always talk that way?” asked Bill, grabbing another piece of toast.

“Only when she’s saying something,” said Parker.

Bill nodded.  “We don’t know if more of us are tagged.  It’s not looking good and three others aren’t responding.”

“Does anyone have any idea what’s going on?” asked Lexi.

“They think the other side doesn’t want us to stop the orange guy. That and they have billions involved in making sure he wins. All for nefarious purposes, of course.  So, the old man said he believes they want to shut us down so things go smoothly.  When it’s over they’ll be in control, since the guy is insane.  They’ll basically control America.”

“Why can’t you wink in and just kill him?” asked Lexi.  “Seems like that would solve your problem.  Send me to the future I’ll do it.”

Bill looked at Parker in surprise.

“She could do it, believe me,” said Parker.

“We only think we know who the person is.”

“Then go farther into the future.  What’s wrong with you guys?  THINK about what you’re saying.  Don’t just sit here, DO SOMETHING.”

“She has a point,” said Bill, looking hungrily at the empty plate.

Lexi got up and grabbed the caramel corn and a coffee cake.

“I’m getting the food and coffee because it’s my house, otherwise you could get your own things,” she said.

Bill looked at Parker and bit into a piece of blueberry coffee cake. “What does that mean?”

“It means she’s not our servant and she’s being polite because this is her plate and it has nothing at all to do with gender or sexist pigs.”

“You learn fast,” she said, kissing Parker on the cheek.

Bill’s communication device hummed.  He looked at it and put it away.  “Two more gone,” he whispered.  “There are no suspects.”

“Don’t you know who the bad guys are?” asked Lexi, surprised.


“How do they know so much about your side?”

“Spies, but we can’t prove anything,” grunted Bill.

“Are you guys inept or just not very bright?”

“You mean are we stupid?” asked Bill.

“Your word, not mine,” said Lexi.

“It’s complicated,” sighed Parker.

“Yeah, I don’t think so,” snapped Lexi.  “Your people are being murdered.  Who’s watching the bookstore?”

The two men got up and grabbed their jackets.

“Really?” she said, shoving them out of the way.  “What is WRONG with you?”

She said goodbye to the cats, told them she’d be back soon and said that if bad guys broke in it was okay to kill them.  The cats meowed and that was that.

They were in the car and on their way, when Bill received another message.  “Johnathan is dead,” he said.

Lexi drove faster, which wasn’t as dangerous as it sounded, since no one was on the street because the snow was still falling hard.




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