A Strange Meeting…Nine

“That might make sense,” she said.  “Look, you stay in the car and I’ll go in, that way we can keep the heat going.  Do you want anything special?”

“Cheese on the popcorn, plain caramel corn please, and surprise me with something.”

She laughed and slammed the door.  It was freezing cold and the snow wasn’t even slowing down.  The weather was out of whack.  She walked up and down the aisles of the small Nut Shoppe and grabbed whatever looked good.  She bought cigarettes made out of gum and lots of old fashion candy.  The clerk bagged everything and she paid with cash.

As soon as she got outside a large bald man, dressed in black, grabbed her bicep and dragged her toward the side of the building.  Lexie held the bag steady, so as not to spill the delicious contents, pulled a specially made  serrated switch blade out of her jacket pocket and shoved it into the man’s neck.  She saw his eyes widen, then watched him fall.  The blood spurted out of his neck to the beat of his hear as she walked away.

“Is that blood I smell,” asked Parker, when she got into the car..

“Some guy thought he could personnap me.  He was wrong.”


“What part didn’t you get?  Hold on a second,” she said, and pushed a button on her phone.  Someone picked up on the first ring.  Lexi gave the address, ordered one ticket to Italy and hung up

“Who was he?”

“No idea,” she said pulling out of the parking lot.

“Did he mention Bill, or me?”

“We didn’t actually have time to chat.”

“Did you at least take the knife with you?”

“Do you seriously think this is my first time?  He wasn’t looking for money.  He was wearing expensive clothes and had four hundred dollar DG sun glasses shoved in his pocket.  He could have wanted information about you, but I doubt it. Maybe he was just looking for a woman to hurt.  No matter what he wanted, he’s not getting it.  Ever.”

Parker just stared at her.

“What?” she asked, running a yellow light.  “Should we get another pizza?  I wonder if Danny will make my half with more crust.  All he has to do is put the toppings lower.”

“Who and what are you?” he asked.

“I’m Lexi Smith.  Born and raised right here in this fabulous city.  I was a daughter, until two years ago.  I’m a couple of other things as well, including cat lover.  Why?”

“Tell me about the other things,”

“Do you believe in magick?  Real magick, not the fake stuff.”


“I suppose some people would consider what you do to be magick.  I mean you do walk through time, right?”

“Uh, I guess,” he said.  “It doesn’t seem like magick to me.”

“That’s the thing with magick.  It doesn’t seem like magick when it’s part of a person’s everyday reality.  People take those things for granted, just like you do.  Magick always seems to be something out of the ordinary.”

“What I do, has to do with time and space.  It’s a physics problem.  It’s not magick.”

“Anyway, we all have, mmmm…let’s call them special talents, okay?”


“I mean some people are good at one thing and other people are good at something else, right?”

“Yes, I get that, so what?”

“I’m good at sizing up situations and responding before the other person knows what’s going down. Do you understand?  I’m saying that I’m fastReally fast.”

“So you kill people?”

“Sometimes.  Like tonight.  He was a man with bad intentions.”

“So he had to die?”

“Would you rather I let him live to hurt some other woman?”

“No, but isn’t that the same thing I do?”

She thought about it for a few minutes.  “No.  I act on a persona level.  His death will leave ripples, yes.  But he attacked me and I defended myself.  No one is attacking you.”

“That’s true.  Will they catch you?”


“Why not?”

“For one thing, there won’t be a body, or blood, arterial or otherwise.”

“I think you have more secrets than I do,” said Parker, looking out the window.

“Without a doubt,”  she muttered.  “Does that bother you?”

“I’m not sure.  Should it?”

“I honestly don’t know.”

“Let’s get extra mushrooms on the pizza,” he said, Then he leaned his head agains the window and closed his eyes.





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  1. Resa says:

    Extra mushrooms sounds perfect! 😀

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