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The Cosmic Egg

Check out this fantastic video. Read about the Cosmic Egg.


The Cosmic Egg is a symbol that was used all over the world.  Some researchers try to say it is the same as the Egyptian Ben Ben stone, but they are simply wrong.  The Omphalos stone or Ben Ben stone was a meteorite.  The Cosmic Egg is something way more powerful.  The egg is a universal image and happens to be the most used symbol of the ancients.  

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Comments on: "The Cosmic Egg" (4)

  1. I remember reading,”The Crack in the Cosmic Egg,” as an undergrad. It was about the impact of new information, that causes worldviews to crack.

  2. I remember doing “The Egg” to Led Zepplin. One would hunch to the ground, into what felt/looked like an egg shape. Then, as the music progressed, you would hatch from the egg. Free form dancing then ensued. I don’t know if my Egg is related, so I’ll head over to SOTS post to see.

    • I love that idea. Modern, free form dancing is the best. I wish I could have seen you unfolding. 🙂 The cats would be standing on your back, if you had cats at that time. 🙂 Let me know what you decide.

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