Kevin, Marge and Suzi…

I’m Kevin, she’s Marge and this is our little girl is Suzi.  We are sheep, for those of you who might not know.  We do all the same things you do and have all the same parts, just extra legs.  We have the same feelings you do as well, except for the violent ones.  We cause no harm and ask nothing more than to be treated with respect and kindness.  Unfortunately, those are the two things humans are unable to give to others.  So we suffer and die by your hand.

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4 Responses to Kevin, Marge and Suzi…

    • I feel that way everyday. And I despise thanksgiving. Really hate it. All the turkeys who die and what we did to the Native Americans. Can’t wait until it’s over.

      • I was watching a docu about the Lakota Indians yesterday. The Sioux and how before the Europeans got here North America was the Turtle Islands. Of course we Killed and rounded up what was left and placed them on reservations in the Dakotas. It was very disturbing and enlightening.

      • Nightmare, really. The terrible things we do and then make excuses for what we’ve done. People come up with the more insane reasons to feel better about the atrocities we commit and continue to commit. The are no excuses. That’s the truth.

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