Okay, so…here we bloody go again

My cousin and I spent the day shopping around North Avenue.  We had a lot of fun and a great time.  While having a bad lunch, which is unusual for us, she asked if I heard about the latest shooting.  I said i didn’t, since I don’t listen to the news.  She told me about the people who were shot and said something about gun control.

I told her I voted, “NO,’ on spending $189,000 on amping up security for the grade schools.  I voted “Yes,” on enlarging the Jr. College.  I said that I’m SICK AND TIRED of spending money to protect EVERYONE from male violence INSTEAD OF STOPPING MALE VIOLENCE.

Like pulling off the top of a weed.  Unless you get the root, the weed will keep coming back.  It’s the same thing with violence.  Unless you get rid of male violence, all the MONEY, INCONVENIENCE AND INSANITY THAT ALL PEOPLE HAVE TO GO THROUGH, to stay safer (that doesn’t work) is just wasted.  ALL the money, time and effort should go into STOPPING THE VIOLENCE.  Then we can all be safe and free and it won’t cost a cent.

It’s stupid and idiotic to keep allow male violence to exist.  It’s stupid and idiotic to keep spending billions of dollars to try and escape something we ALLOW to continue

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2 Responses to Okay, so…here we bloody go again

  1. Resa says:

    Here, here! 👏
    (Also ties in with your “What If” poem.)
    It’s like my recent post… At first it seemed all pretty, because it’s a woman’s face, and fab art. Then I saw a message about elephants being dead in Botswana, a last refuge. It was painted on the curb, and I didn’t see it until I got home and looked at the pics.
    Now, I never see pics of women shooting/ killing and then chopping off the tusks then leaving the entire rest of the elephant to rot. It’s always men. All African elephants, male and female, have tusks, so often there is a baby elephant nearby crying for his/her mom.
    But don’t worry, when it grows up, they’ll kill it, too.
    Apparently, the Botswana government has taken all firearms away from the conservation park rangers, who now have no way to stop the armed poachers. How does that make sense?
    I hope I made some sense.

    • That is horrifying and sickening. What is WRONG with their government. Well, it’s a government and people in government have no brains or hearts, so I’m not surprised. I don’t know what we can do about anything any longer. Death is everywhere. Men will kill just to kill. Hateful things that they are. Just terrible.

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