is something we
turn on and off

self proclaimed
compassionate people
can be compassionate
now and then
when it’s convenient
or when it suits their needs

certain people are compassionate
to people of their own color
but not to others
compassionate to
one or two women
but not to others
compassionate to their companion animals
but not to the suffering of others

has a switch
that can be flipped
whenever people
don’t care
or whenever their
or personal feelings
get in the way*

to me
that means
compassion exists
on a limited basis
because it’s selective

*If I saw a hunter attacked by an animal he was trying to kill…I would be okay with that and walk away.  My compassion would always be on the side of the animal.  I would stand in front of the deer, if I had to.  One less hunter would mean more live deer.  That’s a win for lots of other deer the guy might kill.  I wouldn’t have a drop of compassion for the hunter.  Just like rapists.  Get rid of one and you save a lot of women.

We all take sides in this kind of world, where bad things happen and there is hatred and killing.  We have to take sides, or the bad guys win and you can tell who the bad guys are…by the trail of violence, misery, lies, destruction and dead bodies they leave behind.


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14 Responses to Compassion…

  1. JustJan says:

    I believe compassion can save our world.

  2. If we can’t change evil, or eliminate it, we will have what we have now. You have to get to the root of the problem, which is violence, or nothing will change.

  3. Harsh reality. Maybe someday, people will understand each other. Clearing the violence away.

  4. Resa says:

    Step 1: Stop eating animals

  5. I totally agree. It opens your heart and teaches you the difference between right and wrong, gook and evil. Death an life affirmation. People who eat animals eat their fear and terror, the hormones that are flooding through their bodies as they are terrorized and slaughtered. Meat is bad for people but it makes money and no one cars about life, just money, that’s why we have wars and kill anything we like…for money.

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