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Resa has posted the Chicklet’s Fashion Show and she did an AMAZING job. The chicklets are peeping and chirping and dancing around, flapping their wings for Resa and her incredible gowns. THANK YOU RESA…peep, peep, chirp. WE LOVE YOU!  You have to open the post to see all of Resa’s GORGEOUS gowns.

Art Gowns

✨✨ The runway was aglitter with the glamour of the Art Gowns modelled by some of the Coop’s most gorgeous Chicklets. ✨✨

“Good evening! My name is VIRGINIA, and I had the honour of being first onto the runway begowned in Empress D’Amore

“Off the top, I’d like to thank the original Empress D’Amore for being here with me tonight. Together the Empress and I will be discussing the highlights of the Hallowe’en Fashion Show at the Coop.”

“Thank you, Empress!”

Hello Virginia, and the pleasure is all mine! Let me just say, in my most humble opinion, that yours was the most regal Art Gown in the show!

“I won’t argue that! Now, on with the show!”

Presenting: MIA in Mystic Lake

“So Empress, what can you tell the folks at home about Mystic Lake?

Well, Virginia, she was inspired by ducks, specifically a ceramic duck created by  

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Comments on: "Art Gowns Dazzle the Runway at the Coop" (23)

  1. This is such a fun collaboration with Resa; I loved your beautiful Chicklets; they look absolutely gorgeous in Resa’s beautiful gowns… 🙂
    Congratulations! I believe roses are definitely in order… 🌹 🌹 🌹

    • Thank you. Rosa’s gowns are incredible…all done by hand. The Fashion Show was a huge success, thanks to her designs. I’m so happy you enjoyed the show.

  2. This is a wonderful collaboration! I enjoy Resa’s beautiful work too, so it’s even more exciting to see both your work combined. Thank you ❤

  3. These sketches are going to drive Nicole Kidman to get more plastic surgery.

  4. what a perfect collaboration! the gowns and the models were lovely!

  5. This is pure magic! ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  6. This is so amazing. The reblog not on here or at Resa’s but you’ve been twittered. ♥️♥️♥️

  7. Thank you Gi, and to the Chicklets for all of your hard work in making the Fashion Show come to life! It was such a fun project! ❤️💜💖

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