Art and the philosophy of life

Some older women…

as a female
when you’re young
if you have the right looks
and attitude
you can have anyone you want
and you can usually do anything you want
but strange men push their bodies
against you on the el
they stand too close
they touch you
until you shove them away
stomp on their feet
or yell at them
they say things
they think are sexy
or charming
but the words
that come out of their mouths
just piss you off
sometimes you hiss
other times
if you can
you walk away
but no matter what
your heart is pounding
and your hands are balled into fists
and you want to rip their faces off
and throw them in the gutter
where they belong
rage lives inside you
lit by men themselves
a fire that never goes out
never dims
and you know
that you have to swim
in this ocean called
or die
and as you get older
so do the guys
and things start to change
single women no longer want men
they want freedom
men become needy
women laugh
and pull their power around them
knowing that they are
and always have been
because to survive
in the depths of testosterone
a woman HAS to be superhuman
to keep breathing and function
she has no choice
and still
even as an older women
men will brush against you
on the el
stand too close
until you snarl
your wolf’s teeth showing
and shove them away
as an older woman your power
comes from a different
deep and dark place
and once they see your bloody fangs
and your animal eyes
if they’re smart
they finally
back the hell off

Comments on: "Some older women…" (29)

  1. Its all true! You look beautiful…don’t kick me in the shins.😊

  2. True!! Love the hell out of this

  3. Gi, you are sooo very beautiful!
    Co-incidentally, I was just reading comments on my ArtGowns Tenesa post.
    I can never thank you enough for the challenge. ❦
    Almost every time I go out, some guy makes a pass. He could be 25, 85 or any age in between.
    It doesn’t matter if I’m wearing cool sneaks and my Drake hat, or if I’m wearing my old (cozy) parka and knee sox or if I’m dressed up in heels and stockings, there’s always some guy.
    I need to brave another Art Gown……… for me. xo

    • Thank you so very, very, much for this. So beautifully said. It never ends and age doesn’t matter. Believe me when I say that the world can use all the Art Gowns you can make. How about a HANDS OFF Gown? If you make it, be sure there’s a tiny pocket for a knife. 🙂 ❤ Thank you again for your wonderful words.

  4. OH..
    The prose is Spectacular!!! ❦❦❦

  5. Reblogged this on Queen's end and commented:
    Powerful, and true!

  6. I think your power comes from light.

  7. Very true and good that you take up this topic. Kind regards Mitza

  8. Redoing my “likes” that didn’t get recorded.
    I have never made a pass (physical or verbal) at a woman. I never saw the point in it, it’s much more enjoyable to be invited but I can certainly understand your position. From a mans position the cosmic jerks who harass women are a hinderance, they put women in a constant state of caution which respectful men have to overcome before a non-gender dialogue or friendship can be established.
    At one point in my life I was a partner in small chain of restaurants with primarily a female staff. If anyone harassed one of my waitresses they were loudly and publicly thrown out.

    • You are absolutely right. Good men do have to overcome what the nasty males do because we can’t tell the good guys from the bad ones. I’m so happy to hear that your waitresses were safe and respected. Their safety was more important to you than a repeat customer and that’s the way it should be. Glad to hear that. I’m sure they enjoyed working for you. 🙂 Thank you for your lovely words.

  9. I just don’t feel that way.

    • We don’t all feel the same way about things, that’s for sure. How we feel depends on where we’re from, our experiences, and who we are. I’m from a Chicago, where there are 9.5 million people. I just know what it’s like here and how a lot of us feel.

      • I’ve always liked men more than women. They’re simple creatures and easier to handle. They don’t sweat the small stuff. I have always known that women held the power. You’re right. We’re all different.

  10. While I agree with what you’re saying, the power to underpay us, to hold us back from having a voice in government or anything that happens to us, to keep women poor and used for punching bags, to constantly force women to live with violence, is the kind of power that needs to be stopped. I don’t think it has to do with liking men better than women. It has to do with equality and survival. They don’t have safe houses for men. That’s the power they have…they really do get away with murder.

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