Okay, so…

I got a thing in the mail today saying we need to do this and that to keep our children safe.  The picture showed the backs of kids heading into school with backpacks.   We have neighborhood watches, we have Take Back the Night marches, we probably still have guys you can call on college campuses, if you need someone to walk you home from the library, so you don’t get raped.  Hopefully the guy walking you home is okay.  There are all kinds of groups set up to protect kids, women, and sometimes the elderly.

Here’s the thing…why don’t we just stop men from being violent?  Why do we allow men to grab kids off the street, beat and rape them, rape women, kill other kids,  and terrorize everyone, so THAT WE NEED ALL THE PROGRAMS IN THE FIRST PLACE?

I threw the mailing in the garbage.  I’m sick of bandaids.  Men don’t actually WANT TO FIX THE PROBLEM, because they like doing what they do to others, that’s why they do it.  They like hunting kids and women, so nothing is going to change.  There isn’t any real punishment, no one is stopping them, so what’s the big deal?  But pouring money into programs trying to stop men from doing what they do…is a joke.  We need to use the money to start a war against them.

Men don’t stop what’s happening because it’s such an ENORMOUS problem.  Even the men who are supposed to protect women and children beat, rape, and murder them.  That seems to be normal behavior for men…an accepted way of life.  Men hunt…women and kids are prey.  Notice how they pick on people how are smaller than they are.  Bullies, everyone.

Women can’t stop men from hurting them.  Women can’t always protect their children from men either.

I’m sick of programs that do nothing to get at the ROOT OF THE PROBLEM, which is male violence.  I’m sick of men getting to terrorize everyone and make the lives of kids one where they can’t even go outside.  I’m sick of all of it.  I’m sick of men not taking responsibility to stop other men legally, or just on a day to day basis, from being violent and destroying life after life after life.  Because that’s the truth of the matter.  It’s not over, once the guy leaves.  Women sometimes commit suicide, and kids who are brutalized don’t always recover.  Male violence, doesn’t ever GO AWAY, once it has touched you.

I’m sick of all of it.  Maybe kids won’t be able to go to school in the future.  Too dangerous to let them out.  I’m not kidding.  It’s a possibility.  Men have all the rights, never forget that.  Look at the moron in charge of our country and the people he choses.  Sick.

The only way to stop violence is to stop men from being violent.  Period.

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