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The hatefulness of men against women does not go unnoticed by females, even if we try to pretend that things are okay, so we can live another day.  Nor does the fact that good men often do nothing, to stop the monsters from hurting us.  Every slur, comment, or joke about women, that men let slide, just reinforces our lack of worth, our lack of humanity and our ability to feel pain.  Every time a man remains silent, he tells those men that he agrees with what they are saying.  Every time he agrees, he’s no longer one of the good guys.

Many women attacked by strangers have their lives, and their feelings of safety and well being, destroyed.  Some become pregnant, some get sick, some commit suicide, some never recover.  Most just go on with their lives the best they can.  All because men refuse to stop hurting women. THEY REFUSE TO STOP.   VIOLENCE IS ALWAYS A CHOICE.

Men CHOOSE to hurt and kill women they know and women they don’t know.  They are ALLOWED, BY OUR PATRIARCHAL/WOMAN HATING culture, do what they feel like doing.   And what they do, is destroy women and children, as they brutalize those around them.

Then there are the LUCKY ones. The women who have escaped the horrifying brutality of men.  They are called LUCKY because in a society that hates and brutalizes women and children, anyone who is not harmed is considered LUCKY.  How truly sick is that?

How hateful is it to live in a world where newborns are torn apart by men raping them?  Newborns, six month olds, age doesn’t matter.  Daughters, nieces, neighborhood kids, anyone really, all prey.  Nothing matters because in our culture, females don’t matter.

So next time you let a slur, joke or hateful comment about women slide, know that you’re part of the problem.

One more thing…I hope men realize the courage and bravery it takes for women to actually live in the world.  The amazing strength it takes to go outside, never knowing what’s going to happen to you.  Like the woman putting her christmas tree on the curb for garbage pick-up, who was grabbed and raped by some guy driving by who just “felt like it.”  Or the women joggers who were attacked by another guy driving by.

Women in college marching with mattresses on their backs to bring the issue of college rape, which is epidemic,  to the forefront, because colleges hide it and lie about the stats.

Women have courage, because they live in a brutal world where they are never really safe from men.  So, I’m asking men to have a little courage and speak out for women, whenever they get the chance to do so.  If you ARE one of the good guys, stand up and be counted.  Talk about how things need to change.  SPEAK FOR US.  Be brave, like we are.


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10 Responses to Men…

  1. I’ve stood up, and ended situations, multiple times, and even ended up in a cell for a couple of nights once because of it. My wife’s ex tried to pull something once, right after we started dating. It didn’t happen again.

    I agree. Remaining silent and chuckling at crude jokes, or not standing up to help when need be, makes any man culpable in this pattern as well. Breaks my heart to think that my grandmothers, great aunts, mom, aunts, friends, my wife, any of them, may have endured such abuse at some point. Would’ve ended immediately if I’d have ever seen it happening, that’s for damn sure.

    • My reply seems to have been lost. So, here it is again. I suggest that you become a speaker and go to schools, boy scouts, wherever men and women, or just men, are assembled, and talk to them about this issue. You would be an amazing role model for boys, not just your own, and might be able to change one or more of them. Men as well. Really, groups are always looking for speakers (I know you have a lot of extra time on your hands LOLOLOL), and you would be amazing. Even mentioned your love for your grandmother and your mom, et al., was a kind and wonderful thing to say. I wish you would think about it. I know that women who have been beaten and raped have confronted the men who did it, under supervision, of course, and after talking to the men, some of them understood that women are actually people who suffer from what they did to them. The women explained how the men made them feel, how they hurt them and changed their lives forever. It was one on one but even stopping one man from doing it again might save 1,500 women from being raped because more often than not, they are serial rapists. Just something I think you would be good at, that’s all. Just speaking out is enough though and raising your sons with your support and love will make all the difference in the world. ❤

      • Trust me, public speaking is not my gig. But, I would do it if it’d help. As for my boys, they know, in no uncertain terms, that they better always be respectful to everybody, including the women in their lives, or there’d be hell to pay. By me, of course, but they’d be in BIG trouble with mom. It’s unacceptable. Again, change starts at home.

  2. Only if the people in the home are kind and respectful. But you’d still make a great speaker. I see that it’s not your thing but you’ll speak out when you can and that’s great. ❤ Your kids are very lucky to have fabulous parents. 🙂

  3. Resa says:

    And then… when women aren’t enough for men, they can have little boys. Just become a Catholic priest!

  4. taphian says:

    A very sensitive and important topic. Good that you write about it. As far as I know, evry woman in this world has been harrassed at least 5 times. I myself have suffered more times.

  5. It does, but women are not united in ways that make a difference. That’s part of the problem. We need our own political party, we need to start building out own world inside the one that exists, so we have a rallying point.

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