Art and the philosophy of life

Everyone had a wonderful time at the party.  The food was delicious and Holly and Resa’s contributions were greatly appreciated.  Holly gave the chicklets rides on her Harley and they will be talking about that for a very long time.

A tiny pony also gave some of the chicklets rides and the goats were busy taking guests to the Rubber Duck Pond.  There was dancing and chirping and the hatchlings did beautifully on their first time out.  Their poems were lovely and everyone peeped loudly.

The two bats, who arrived as guests, asked if they could live at The Coop.  The answer was yes and everyone was very excited about that.    No one is ever turned away from The Coop.

Today, after breakfast and clean up, the Chicklets will be getting ready for the Big Halloween Party.  Costumes are being made and new games are in the making, as well.  The Housekeeping Committee is busy preparing for all the guests who regularly join them.

The Halloween coloring contest begins today, so the youngest chicklets are sharpening their crayons.  Chicklet Eve wrote a Halloween play, so the actors will start practicing soon.  Everything is moving along perfectly.

Below are the poems written, and performed, by the hatchlings.

by Meadow

to be a chicklet
is the best thing
in the world
because chicklets
are love

by Reed

are friends
with everyone
so we always
have fun
and someone
to play with
the end

Have a nice day.  Love, the Chicklets

Comments on: "We’re Back Party photographs…" (11)

  1. Such great Photos! Everyone was there and the best part was the poetry slam but Holly was too shy to recite so she just sat in the back clicking her fingers. ❤

  2. Reblogged this on House of Heart and commented:
    Everyone was there and the best part was the poetry slam but Holly was too shy to recite so she just sat in the back snapping her fingers like the old days. ❤

  3. There will be more pictures. 🙂

  4. Let me know if the Chicklets need any help with the costumes! I have leftover fabrics they can upcycle! 😀

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