Okay, so…heaven

Beach Summer Blue Summer Beach Vacation Sa

I don’t believe in heaven but if I did, the above photo, would be part of it. I think the earth would be a heaven if we weren’t on it.   It’s a beautiful planet that has so much to offer.  Everything on the planet would flourish, if we were gone.  Our extinction would be the best thing that ever happened to earth and all the living beings and things on it.  So, I suppose, without us, the planet would become the paradise and the garden everyone talks about.

Sunlight is warm and amazing.  Moonlight is cool and gorgeous.  Breezes are delicious.  There’s a rhythm to life that humans have forgotten, or never known.

Stars would twinkle brightly, once the pollution faded away.   Perhaps the soil would be able to regenerate itself more quickly than we imagine, so things could start growing right away, breaking up the cement and toppling buildings.

If  we were gone, the oceans would be free of garbage, plastic, oil spills, rusting subs, drilling equipment and junk.  Fish would be swimming through the water, not floating on top because we poisoned them to death.

Trees would no longer be cut down and could grow however they liked.  The prairies in Chicago, and the surrounding area, (99% are already gone),  would return, and once again feed and shelter wildlife.

No com trails would mar the sky.  No gunshots, bloody battlefields, or screaming would be heard or seen.  No mining, or digging, just the peaceful sounds of nature and living things going about their lives.

Heaven would be one gigantic wildlife preserve, and living beings would no longer have to fear being slaughtered, caged, tortured, or used for human purposes.  Animals would finally be free and the flora would burst forth in color and leafy green beauty.  It would be a beautiful heaven.  In this heaven all animals are vegetarians.

If we were gone, Mother Nature could walk over the earth without her heart breaking, so I think she would agree that without us, her garden would be luscious and heavenly.


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