Okay, so…hell…look at it this way

Fire, Wood Fire, Flame, Burn, Brand

I’ve been thinking about earth and why we’re here. I don’t believe in hell but if I did, life on earth would be the perfect description/blueprint, of what hell would be like to me.  I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, I’m just saying that it’s good to know where you live.

In many cases, beings have to kill other beings to live.  I have an aversion toward killing.  When a lioness goes for an animal whose eyesight doesn’t allow him to SEE the lion before it’s too late, well that’s hell and the game is definitely rigged.

If you have to kill to live, you have to wonder what this place is all about in the first place.  If certain beings are genetically made slower than others, so they can be caught and eaten, that’s hell.  If men are stronger than women and children and use that strength to torture, rape, beat and murder them, that’s hell.

Some like to torture, and slaughter other beings because they enjoy it.  HELL.  When men start wars for profit and don’t care how many other men are maimed or killed…Hell.  When women go to war and are raped by their own “brothers,” the men who are supposed to HAVE THEIR BACKS, well…more hell.

When people EAT other beings, cover their furniture, car seats, and their feet with their skin.  Hell.

The big tease and true torture, is pretending that anything can be different.  Believing things can be different is part of hell…false hope.  It’s the perfect plan to get people to chase their tails and waste their lives trying to change what can’t be changed. That’s the inside joke.

Maybe this is a testing place, to see if we, as individuals, or even as groups, can be different while we’re in here.  Maybe, if we stop killing things, we can pass GO and collect $200, but I wouldn’t hold my breath. The Get Out of Jail Free cards are all owned by the rich.

If you think of this place as hell, it’s easy to understand everything that happens here, including the destruction of the resources we need to live.  It all makes sense, if we realize that things will never be any different because they can’t be. They can’t be, because this is hell, or possibly a hell, maybe one of many.  No one knows what hell would be like, if it did exist, but I’d offer the entire history of earth and everything on it, as the pattern for the perfect one.

The killers all seem to have the advantage over everyone/thing else.  More strength, speed, power, whatever.  A bunny can be caught by hawks, foxes, etc.  Bunnies are made to be eaten and have lots of other bunnies, so they can be eaten as well. Their fur also lines mittens and they’re skins are worn as coats.  They are tortured, terrified and murdered for those purposes.  If people stopped wanting their skin and flesh, they could at least escape that horror.  But most people don’t actually care about the feelings or lives of rabbits.  As long as it’s not happening to them, they seem to be okay with those things.   Cruelty of epic proportion. Hell

We have flowers, blue skies and white fluffy clouds.  We have fast cars, mascara and gyms, to help us dress up and play the game, in a place that’s more deadly than anything we can ever imagine.  Nothing we do is really “safe.”  Like a video game, try not to fall into the traps and get killed, so that you have to start over.

To end the violence men simply have to change their minds and stop being violent.  That’s how simple it could be.  Unfortunately, they don’t want to do that, so hell continues to be hell.  Starvation, racism, every bad thing we can think of is here because PEOPLE want those things to be here.  That’s the simple reason for EVERYTHING that happens.  People want to do it…or want it done.  Snuff films, where women are murdered on film are done because men want to watch women be murdered.  If no one wanted to watch women be murdered on screen, they wouldn’t make the films.  See?  Simple.

Dead bodies are found in this “beautiful” earthly garden, partially eaten by worms and bugs. That’s what this garden is all about.  Recycling/composting.  Living on earth is like trying to find a clean spot on a rotten apple.

Last week a guy in one of the suburbs stabbed his wife in the chest 17 times.  Garden or hell?  Their two kids are now living with relatives.  That’s something the kids will have in their photo album, right?  My dad murdered my mom, this is the last picture we have of her, and he’s in jail for life, or three weeks, depending on the judge and how much he hates women and feels sorry for the guy who killed her.  Hell.

If we admit this is hell, and it’s never going to change, we can give up trying to be better than we are.   We can see our rotten leaders as the death heads that they are, ruling hell with the evil that resides inside of them.  Then the orange one finally makes sense.  He’s so horrible, he can’t contain the hatred inside himself, so it just spills out, for all of us to see.

I’m just saying that when you actually LOOK at what happens in the world, earthquakes, tidal waves, tsunami events, floods, volcanic eruptions, mud slides, avalanches, tornadoes, and other seemingly uncontrollable “natural” events, you have to see that those things WOULD occur in hell.  Events where thousands of people are wiped out in a single moment.  I mean doesn’t that fit the definition of hell?  One of the circles?  Maybe not.  Natural disasters, or set ups?  We talk about Mother Nature as if she’s our friend, but we don’t really know which side She’s playing on.  Not really.

Maybe this is what we’re suppose to learn.  If those of us, who  live lovely lives, do nothing to stop the suffering of others, does that make us, part of the problem?  Maybe yes, maybe no.  Is it okay to eat whatever we like, while others have no food?  I mean it’s not our fault people are hungry, is it?  Or is it?  If we do nothing to change things, then logically it must be partly our fault that things don’t change.  But maybe that’s not true..  Maybe that’s why some of us are here…to only help ourselves.  Maybe not.  I don’t know.  Maybe starving people came here to starve this time around so they could know what it’s like to starve.  Don’t know.  Maybe trying to change the world is just silly and impossible.  Maybe torture is part of the game.  Maybe Susan B. was wrong after all.  Maybe Failure is possible.  We need to define our terms.  What is considered failure in hell?

Groups set up to help feed people often use the money for different things, sometimes just for themselves.  Groups are set up to stop people from being tortured.  The only way to do that is to get rid of the people who are torturing others.  While people are trying to stop torture using legal methods, people are being tortured.  Right?

Are the problems so enormous, and are we so helpless, that there’s nothing anyone can do?  Yes, that’s the case. Maybe this is just the way things are supposed to be here in hell.  Maybe we’re supposed to ignore, or watch, people/animals suffer and die and not be able to give them a drink of clean water.  Maybe that’s the thing.  Who stays awake nights, in their sung beds with freshly washed sheets, while people are dying in the streets, or slum apartments, because that’s where they sleep?  Is that only hell for the people in the streets, or is it hell for those of us who are in our beds?  I don’t know.

Shouldn’t the catholic church get rid of their gold and jewels and use the money to actually help people, instead of telling lies, raping kids and using their money to pay off families and lawyer fees so they can keep their lies hidden?  Talk about 30 pieces of silver.  If that’s not corruption/evil, I don’t know what is, but that’s what one would expect in hell, right?  

If this is a game (it very well might be), and someone is playing us, I have to say, “Well done.”  We can’t be sure of  anything.  Love, trust and hope, tantalizing, but smashed time and time again.  Religion, government, white males in power, greedy liars who use the masses as their personal slaves…working people to death for minimum wage, taking what they make, sending them to die in wars, all so they can have more.  Starve others but feast every chance they get.  Sounds more like hell than a garden, at least to me.

Disease is everywhere, hospitals, sick kids, plagues, natural and manmade.  Governments killing their populations to see if their poisonous gas works.  Mass murders.  Governments stockpiling smallpox, just in case.  Men willing to kill everyone for power and control.  Hell, right?  Governments calling their own citizens terrorists.  Blowing up towers to get patriot laws passed to take away more freedom (which doesn’t actually exist).  Using language to call killer weapons, Peace missiles.  Brain washing, conditioning and spying on every one of us.  Murdering those who get in the way of the program. Sounds pretty hellish to me.

Or…is this a place we choose to come to, in order to experience the things earth has to offer?  Maybe we’re so bored that we come here for fun, to kill and suffer, just because there’s nothing else to do.  I don’t know.  I just know that earth is a dangerous, violent place, run on hate, greed, lies, and fear.  The powerful and the powerless.  The 1% and the rest of us.

If our government can rip kids out of their mother’s arms and there are people willing to follow those instructions and do it, they can take our kids out of our arms whenever they feel like it.  See, it’s the people who carry out the orders that are terrifying because they have no hearts and have lost the ability to know right from wrong…until it happens to them.  Working for the bad guys doesn’t keep you safe.  You can see that in washington.

Earth is a garden for some of us who have no idea what true suffering is.  My son died of leukemia, a disease we couldn’t stop.   But to watch your child die of starvation because there’s nothing to eat, is a different story.  The amount of money spent to try and save my son’s life could have fed a small country.  But I’m one of the lucky ones, I watched him die knowing that everything that could be done, was done.  I didn’t have to watch him die because I couldn’t feed him.  My son wasn’t more important than anyone else’s son.  I was simply more privileged.  That’s a mistake people make.  Thinking they’re worth more, that they’re more valuable, than others.  They aren’t.  They just had more given to them.  That doesn’t make them better, it just means they’ve had more opportunities. The privileges I was given were based on things that had nothing to do with my actual worth.   They were based on things that were out of my control.  Other people who may have contributed more to life, if given the chance, were never given that chance.  That’s not only hell, it’s stupid and pathetic.

I don’t have any answers.  It just that the terrible things that happen, happen because of the choices we make.   That’s the hell of it all.





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