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I think I’ll hang twinkle lights all over the house to offset the grim, dark, rainy, fall weather.  The only thing that would make things even better, would be to adopt 1,000 cats.   But even I think that’s too many cats.  Maybe.   Besides, it’s probably against zoning laws to have a flock of felines living in my house.  Although how anyone would know how many cats lived in my house, is beyond me.  It’s not as if the government has a cat counter or anything.  Anyway, The twinkle lights would make me think about christmas and that’s closer to spring, so that’s a good thing.  The bad thing is that I’d probably start decorating for christmas way too early and then take everything down before christmas actually arrived, because I was bored and tired of it all.  I’ve done that before. I have a problem with things moving too slowly.   I have absolutely no desire to slow down, I’d rather everything sped up.  Anyway, I’m going to dig the twinkle lights out of a box and get busy, since the forecast looks miserable, unless you love constant darkness, or the color gray.

I watched JULIE & JULIA last night.  Meryl Streep’s voice…all that screeching, high pitched noise, shrieking, hysteria, and constant fake laughter, was really hard to take, even though she did a fantastic job as Julia.  I don’t know how anyone could actually live with the woman and not wear earplugs.  Tucci was outstanding, as her husband.  He never ran from her, covering his ears.  He loved her and accepted her the way she was, screeching voice and all.  But screeching doesn’t bother some people, it’s a personal thing.  I can’t listen to a soprano sing either.  Like fingernails run down a blackboard.  Anyway, I’ve read about Julia’s life in Paris, because I love Paris, not because I care about food.  I skipped parts of the movies where they were killing and cooking animals.  Apparently Julie (Amy Adams), felt bad about boiling the lobster to death, but she did it anyway.  Which goes to show that no one really cares who they kill, in order to satisfy themselves.  Really sad. Way too terrible.

The Durrells in Corfu. Photo: John Rogers/Sid Gentle Films & MASTERPIECE

A long time ago I read a book about the Durrells in Corfu, so I was excited when the series started on PBS.  It’s wonderful.  The third season started last night and it was the first episode that I didn’t like.  The cast is fantastic but the mother can be intrusive and suffocating, and the opener showed just how much.  I almost turned it off but I like the show so I just turned off the sound now and then instead.  It’s a terrific series and a lot of fun.  I liked the book too.

Murphy Brown is back on TV.  Yay!









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6 Responses to Random thoughts…

  1. I love the PBS series of “The Durrells in Corfu”! Haven’t started the new season, yet, since I get it the next day through my Roku. I was also looking forward to “Murphy Brown,” but it looks like Hulu isn’t going to carry it, and I don’t get regular network TV. It will probably show up there, eventually.

    • Murphy is just as much fun as it was before and The Durrells are wonderful. As I said, I saw the opener to Season 3 last night. Hope you enjoy it. Hope you get Murphy, eventually, 🙂

  2. cindy knoke says:

    I watched the prior seasons. I will watch the next.

  3. Resa says:

    Hoping big fun for the new MB series!!! 😀 😀

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