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It takes about fifty licks to eat a one scoop cone.

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Siggie failed to help any of his patients and his records were spun, revised and edited so that it looked as if he did.  He actually did absolutely nothing at all in his life.  Just one more lie.  Scholars have … Continue reading

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Left out…

“How long do you think they’ll be in there?” “I don’t know but it sure smells good.” “Do you think they’ll bring anything to us?” “I hope so.” “I don’t see why we have to sit outside.  We’re good dogs.” … Continue reading

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Okay…this is really silly…LAWS IN CHICAGO

Chicago laws (don’t know if they’re still on the books)  It is illegal to fish in Chicago while riding on a giraffe’s neck. I’m not sure when giraffes lived in Chicago but I guess someone was worried they would be … Continue reading

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My daughter took a bunch of pictures for me…here’s one of them

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By Fire — House of Heart

Strangers gather on the green choking on smoke and the scent of seared flesh. The sun is climbing down to meet the flames, As her ashes smolder he dampens her gown. Just before the winds whip up she is in … Continue reading

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From my friend Candy…patriarchy sucks

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