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14 Responses to Words…Poem

    • Thank you for that. ❤ Air conditioner is off and too cold to open windows. LOL Happens fast.

      • Air is blowing full force here! agh!

      • High today is 62. Which is nice, especially when we are outside but cold when the wind comes through the windows. Sunny and humidity is only 44% which is amazing.

      • That sounds really nice. It’s in the 80’s, not overly humid , it gets drier here as we go into the fall months. September/October is Love Bug season here. Not fun.

      • No, not fun at all. The mosquitoes have been so terrible. I’m allergic to their bites so have huge red welts wherever they bite me. I can hardly go on the patio. Will be happy to see the end of them. I don’t remember them ever being this bad. Today they were joined by bees. So when I was feeding Emmie the bees were landing on my arms and hands and the mosquitos were joining in. Blah. They should slow down in this cooler weather. Fingers crossed. Sounds beautiful by you, except for the Love Bugs. It’s always something.

      • Lol! I guess they have a right. Did I tell you my husband got stung right by the eye by a wasp last week. His face swollen like s balloon. I gave him Benadryl but he would not go to the ER. He’s ok now but those buggers pack a punch!

      • That’s terrible! I’m glad he’s okay. They do so much damage and you don’t even see them coming.

      • Never had a bee sting like that. 🐝

  1. Those are so bad. And no one wants to get stung by their eye. I have a hard enough time with the mosquitoes.

  2. Maanya says:

    It always makes sense,its just that we fail to understand them.

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