Okay, so…

My granddaughter called me yesterday. She was furious over a class she had to take.  It was a day long business class where she said the female teacher spent ages telling women what not to do while telling the men they could do anything they liked, when going for an interview or working.  The only thing the teacher told the guys was not to wear funny socks to an interview.  She said the boys could wear them after they were hired but not before.

As for the women…they were told how to wear their hair, make-up, the color of the nails polish, the size of their heels and everything else.  She wouldn’t stop telling them all the things they were not allowed to do because of the men.  She said the teacher made them sound like “sluts,” an ugly word used to describe women who do what men do.  There is no comparable word to describe men who sleep around.

She was so angry and justifiably so.  The pathetic thing is that women really do have to follow a million rules while men don’t have to follow any.  She said she knew things were bad but this is the first time she had seen discrimination so clearly laid out in front of her.

She was told that women can only wear very high heels if they wear slacks that cover them because if the heels can be seen, IT GIVES THE WRONG IMPRESSION. What impression would that be?  The teacher meant that MEN would get the wrong impression, since women certainly wouldn’t care.  Then the teacher told them about their hair, nails, make- up and everything else a woman is and/or does.  So basically, women are expected to wear a costume and pretend to be someone else, so that MEN don’t get the wrong idea.  When don’t men get the wrong idea?  In court cases men say five year olds “led them on.”

Like the monks who wouldn’t allow females to become nuns because the women DISTRACTED them and they couldn’t concentrate.  One woman ironed her face and then she was considered ugly enough to be around them.  No one wanted her.  How SICK IS THAT?  More holy men.  What a joke they are. Women are held responsible for what men do and think.

HOW SCREWED UP IS THIS WORLD?  My granddaughter said the guys can wear their hair any length and any way but the women were told not to wear pony tails because it made them look as if they were out all night and came straight to work!  OMG  Men can fall into work and that’s fine, but a women’s hair tells men she’s been out all night, even if she just came from home?

If I had a magic wish, I would wish for role reversal.  That’s what I would love to see.  I just hate the system more than I can ever say.  So sick of women being blamed for the actions of men and even for their thoughts.   I hate that my granddaughter has to go through this garbage.  Nothing has changed.  All the things we have fought for, and she’s not supposed to wear high heels, or wear her hair in a pony tail, or wear RED NAIL POLISH because the men will think she’s easy.  How sick is it, when a teacher TELLS you that’s how the business world is.

The girls hated the teacher, saying that she was a woman and should have stuck up for them.  But the teacher was trying to tell them how to get hired in a sexist pig world.  Patriarchy is just another way to spell hate.  Sexism, woman hating is innate/systemic in our culture. If women are afraid to fight back for themselves (the punishments can be great), they should think about their daughters and their daughters and their daughters because the double standard and the cruelty has to stop. or women will NEVER know what it’s like to be free…free to be themselves and free to stop being afraid.

Every single thing in our culture supports women hating.  Everything reinforces it, from the language, media, even the arts.  Everything.

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20 Responses to Okay, so…

  1. Did anyone speak up during the class? I sure hope so. That’s crap. I’ll relay this to my wife, and I’m curious how much smoke will be coming outta her ears. 😣

  2. ksbeth says:

    this is appalling.

    • It truly is. She was so upset and yet, while the girls around her were upset no one said anything because they were afraid it would be held against them and their grades would suffer. It was a huge class and the guys must have gotten the sexist message as well. It’s their world and all they have to worry about is their socks.

  3. Resa says:

    Socks suck! This is appalling! And it hurts.
    Unfortunately, there are still women of all ages who use their sexuality to get what they want, need and/or to best a more qualified person. It is human nature when courting and reproducing… all that human woman/man necessity. Here it makes sense.
    Careers, business, work should be on a different playing field, where we all wear make up and sox, or not!!!
    I don’t know if I’m making sense, because I’m sooo angry!

  4. Resa says:

    &&&& Women can only use their sexuality, because men keep it there!

    • So disgusting and it’s being TAUGHT, right now.

      • Resa says:

        We had a case here near Toronto one HOT summer, where a woman took off her top in a place where many men were shirtless. She got arrested for indecent exposure. She fought it in court and won on the basis of equal rights for women. If men can go topless women should be allowed.
        So, even though I & other gals could go topless, legally, I was more hoping that men would stop taking their shirts off, on major city streets in the heat. Nothing’s changed.

      • Sigh. Equal rights vs. taboos. I wouldn’t do it but I understand the point and women should be able to take off their shirts if they want to do so. Absolutely.

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