From the ACLU…here’s the thing…

This came in the mail yesterday.  The problem I have is that the 84 lawsuits the ACLU has filed might take YEARS to get through the courts and there’s no way to know who will win.  The law moves slowly.  They do not mention what the 84 law suits are.  They do say that they have 300 lawyers working against 11,000 of the governments, in one spot alone.  Big job, taking on the government.  They said they were working to keep choice in place and to protect voting rights…both of which they have been doing for years and years.  They are working to reunite children with their families, after the idiot took them away from them.  But choice and voting are part of their ongoing work.  I’m happy they are doing what they are doing but I don’t know if any of their cases will be solved before he’s out of office.  How much damage will be done before the courts make a move?  At least they’re doing something but I just hope it’s in time to make a difference.

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3 Responses to From the ACLU…here’s the thing…

  1. The problem is the asshole should have never seen the light of day. He is so vile, crass, and/or choose whatever word or phrase applies to him. He has no respect for the White House, etc., etc…

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